Fedran is a world on the cusp of two great ages. The rapidly fading world of magic clings to the last remnants of a great society that unfortunately reached the limits of spells and mages. The new world, one of machines and devices, struggles to find its place among the old guard.


Almost everyone has magic in the world, but the bulk of the population have talents which are good for lighting a fight or growing flowers, but little else. Mages had spells but the more powerful the mage, the more their resonance reacts poorly with other magic. Their presence causes pain in others and can create a violent reaction with unattended artifacts. At the most intense levels, resonance can kill.


A recent invention, a fire rune wrapped in enough iron to protect it from resonance, has slowly made its way across the continent. The fire cores, as they are known, are far weaker and limited than most spells, but they can be built into other machines. With a little ingenuity, massive steam engines powered by cores are making their way into society, paving a way for the new age: the Industrial Age.


There are many countries in Fedran, each with their own cultures, societies, and norms.

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The world of Fedran is built up through novels, stories, and role-playing sessions. Below are a list of the primary sources for this website.