Sand and Bone

D. Moonfire

The final journey starts with a single step...

Now a father, Rutejìmo is finally comfortable with his place in society as a tender of the dead. But when his children question his bravery after a vicious attack from their enemies, Rutejìmo is thrust into a violent world of revenge and war.

After a violent bloodbath with enemies disguised as friends, Rutejìmo begins to lose all that is sacred to him. It's up to him to find his way back to his family and his solace, running for his life, his redemption, and his honor. Can Rutejìmo battle his biggest enemy, himself, before it's too late and his legacy is destroyed once and for all?

Sand and Bone is in beta. This means the plot is done, the characters are established, and it is otherwise complete but not fully edited. It also means that it has been through a number of alpha readers, so it should only have a number of wrong words, rough sentences, or technical details. Any money gained for the book will go into getting the novel edited properly and a cover commisioned.

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