Almost everything I write is available to read for free. Much of this is because of Cory Doctrow's short essay on Little Brother:

For me—for pretty much every writer—the big problem isn't piracy, it's obscurity (thanks to Tim O'Reilly for this great aphorism). Of all the people who failed to buy this book today, the majority did so because they never heard of it, not because someone gave them a free copy.

My love for reading didn't come because I bought a copy of every single book I've read. I've read books sitting on the floor at a local library, snatched a copy from my mother's fantasy library, or even stolen a few pages worth of reading in the middle of the bookstore. I've found books through fan-art and fan-fiction.

I want to give others the chance to read my writing with the lowest possible friction. That is why the fiction on this site (with only a few exceptions) are available under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 International license. This means you can download without worry, post other places, and reformat for your favorite reader. You are also free to make other stories in my world (though I don't promise to read them), create fan-art, or have fun. It is an explicit contract that says you can all that without having to throw a single dollar in my direction.

But, if you do like my writing and have a few coins to throw at me, there are a number of ways to support me financially:

I don't have subscription tiers. There is no “pay me money for more content” because I'm terrible at it and it feels wrong to me. So, what you see is what you get.

If you want to support me without money, there are many other things you can do:

  • Write reviews
  • Create some fan art (writing, pictures, musicals, games)
  • Tell others about my stories
  • Let me know what your favorite stories are
  • Ask me questions
  • Like my posts

It's amazing how those little non-financial contributions encourage me to write.