Gepaul is a country bordering against Tarsan and Kormar. Founded during a civil war in Tarsan, it was founded by members that split off from the remains of the Disrobin Family.


Due to their origins, the country's founders attempted to rejected all of Tarsan's patriarchal families but they were equally unwilling to adopt Kormar's monarchy. Instead, the country has a blending of both countries built on top of a representative democracy, the first in that part of the continent.

The government is led by three branches: legislative, judicial, and military. Later, the foundational branch was established.

Administrative Regions

The country is divided into twenty-three states which contains around fifty divisions. Inside the divisions, cities and townships have their own administrative regions.

In addition to the states, there are four special districts for each of the branches of the government. These are significantly smaller than the states or even divisions. Most are no larger than a city.