Mage Knight

A mage knight is a political title for a mage who focuses mostly on combative magic or has powers that related to the defense or offense. Most mage knights also have a military title and are associated with Gepaul and Kormar, but other country mage use it. Despite the commonality of Crystal Sphere Techniques, knights in Tarsan are typically associated with their families over their powers.

It is not uncommon for mages of specific elemental and reactional magic to have their power identified instead of “mage”, such as earth knight or fire knight.


Knights are arranged in circles, which is effectively a rank. It can be independent of their military range, so it is possible to be a first-circle mage knight and be outranked by a non-mage. However, a mage is considered a “half rank” above an equivalent non-mage of the same military rank.

The circles start at the “first circle” which means a knight who has proven themselves in combat and are given the rank. Each successive rank requires a significant battle where the knight's powers were used to their limits. Many knights gain their final rank post-mortem.


Because of the violence in society and the general belief that military is one of the greatest honors, knights are frequently viewed in high regard throughout Tarsan, Gepaul, and Kormar.

Notable Mage Knights

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