Flight of the Scions

This work is beta quality. This means it has been been through at least one professional editor but still have a few remaining steps before publication. If you want to see it, please consider becoming a patron.

Can she survive without magic?

Kanéko never traveled beyond her father's lands, but she dreamed of the chance to have grand adventures of her own. When she finally got her chance, she didn't plan on being stuck with Maris, a violent dog-girl bent on proving herself, or Ruben, an enigmatic boy with secrets of his own. Just when it didn't seem like the trip would get any worse, she found a wanted poster with her picture and a large reward for her kidnapping.

What started as a simple trip became a race to safety as ancient and modern forces fight to claim her for their own nefarious purposes. The only thing the three teenagers have to save themselves are the skills and abilities given to them by their parents: magic, engineering, and loyalty.

Flight of the Scions cover

Some scenes and themes that appear in this book: animal injuries, birth control, death of named characters, drugs, forced mental intrusion, kidnapping, nudity, parental abandonment, questioning sexuality, racism, swearing, and verbal abuse. There is intimacy but no sex. There is no rape.



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