Farimon Chamber

The Farimon Chamber is the invention of Farimon who came up with a stable magical artifact that wasn't affected by most feedback. This is done by shielding resonance by layers of iron, steel, lead, or other metals.

Being able to have a stable artifact that doesn't explode due to feedback ushered in what is known as the Mechanical Age with flurry of inventions that expanded on the concepts to produce steam engines, mechas, and other complex mechanical devices.


At the basic concept, a chamber consists of a fire rune engraved onto a metal or crystal energy reservoir and which is placed inside a chamber made of iron or steel. There are vents for providing fresh air and an exhaust above the fire rune where hot air is directed.

To allow for recharging of the energy, the chamber will have an access port for a mage smith to recharge the reservoir.

The chamber is then attached to a steam boiler to produce a continual supply of heat. Any controls for turning on or off is a function of the plumbing and exhausts as the chamber remains functional until it runs out of energy.