When it comes to using magic, almost everyone (ninety-nine out of a hundred) have a single limited power or a well-defined suite of powers. These can be something as minor as growing a small flower in the palm your hand to being able to throw a rock and have it turn into a fireball. What talent and how destructive it is is based on how it manifested.

The main part about talents is that they can be improved but rarely do they change significantly. If a person's talent is to grow flowers, they may learn to grow trees or speed up the process or even slow it down. However, it is unlikely they will learn how to summon fog or teleport.

In many cases, a talent is capable of doing more and with less energy than a mage because the effort to channel their magic through spells causes a low of power and control.


Some talents are a suite of powers. For example, most of the Kyōti clan provide suites of powers through the clan spirit. For example, the Shimusògo have the ability to run at high speed, flatten the ground to ensure they don't miss, transfer momentum to another clan member, and throw rocks at high speed. Even the warriors are talents, though they have a larger suite of powers; most of the Shimusògo warriors have the same powers but at differing levels of power.

Like regular talents, the actual powers an individual has will different but they will all be the same basic set.