Turfuno was a small nation created by the combined efforts of Tarsan, Gepaul, Kormar, and Lankerni to give the dalpre a country to call their own.


The land granted by Lankerni was a rocky desert with poor access to clear water, no farmland, and few natural resources. It had only a single ocean port in Solistoin Bay.


Turfuno Flag

The official Turfuno flag was created soon after the country was created and the first of the dalpre began to arrive. Despaired by the lack of resources and poor prospects, the impromptu leaders of the country used the flag as a beacon of hope that they would eventually create a green land where they would thrive.

The four stars in the corners represent the four other countries who worked together to give the dalpre a home.

Finally, the two intertwined tails represent the dalpre working together to create a new home.


Despite bordering against the Mifuno Desert, no dalpre was allowed to enter the desert. This caused a massive military buildup from both sides in a stalemate. The stalemate lasted until the Treaty of Golden Steps in 1856 TSC that dalpre permitted to enter the desert without risking death.


In 1953 TSC, civil wars that tore Turfuno apart were finally resolved with the Treaty of Suns. Reunified as a single country, the disparate kingdoms turned away from the name given to them by Tarsan and renamed themselves Sun-Over-Sands.