This is a Work in Progress. This means that the story isn't completely fleshed out or is still being written. Character and location names may change in the process. Chapters may be rewritten or there could be significant edits throughout the entire piece. To read advanced chapters or have a say on how the story turns out, consider becoming a patron.

Music alone couldn't save her family's honor.

Linsan grew up in a happy life filled with dance and music. Her father made violins and her mother traveled the surrounding cities as a dancer for the various plays and show. However, the joy ended one fateful night when their house caught on fire and her father's precious violins were destroyed.

Saddled with debt from lost commissions, her family quickly found themselves struggling with a tattered reputation and overwhelming debt. Then everything fell apart when the family's savings and the last of the violins were stolen from the local bank.

Allegro cover

Some themes that appear in this book: bullying. There is no sex or explicit scenes. There is no rape.




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