Second-Hand Dresses 30: Morning Embrace

The quiet slumber of her beating heart is woken by a hardened beast rising from the shadows.

— Mistin de Romins, “Her Morning Embrace”

Lily woke up to the smell of old fish and moldy fabric. It was starkly different than the scents of her bedroom with the perfume and lace surrounding her. She wasn't sure she liked it, no lady would ever get used such a stench. The only thing that made it tolerable was the musky scent of a man teased her senses. It was a warm smell with just a hint of rain on the edge of her perceptions.

It reminded her of the night a week ago when she was hurrying home before the storm hit. The scent brought fond memories, of walking quietly next to Kendrick as they headed home, the feel of his arm underneath her palm, and even the smells of lightning that surrounded him whenever he did magic.

Lily smiled to herself and took a deep breath of man and ozone.

Slowly, she opened her eyes and looked around. She was in a small inn room barely half the size of her closet. The only exit was a rotted wooden door on the opposite wall. It had three shiny locks on it and a bar crossing over the middle. A small dresser, no more than a yard tall, stood next to the door. Two bags rested next to it and she could see clothes sticking out of both.

The bed she was on was narrow and cramped. The straw bale underneath the sheet was hard in many places but her left leg rested in a furrow made by the previous tenants who had worn it down over the months. She tried to shift to a more comfortable position but a heavy weight pinned her down and into the groove.

Kendrick shifted and a warmth flooded across her senses. A low groan rose up, muffled by her thigh. His body, heated and heavy, spread her thigh slightly further apart. His muscular body was stretched out across the bed with his head on her lap. The black hair quivered with their heartbeats. His shirt had dried overnight but the unnatural creases told her that it had dried while he slept.

Lily stared down at him with the shadow of regret hanging over her. Last night was exhausting but it was also a night of revelations. Did she say too much? Had she made a mistake by revealing that she wanted Kendrick? Not only in her bed but maybe for the rest of her life?

Her emotions rose in her throat. There was nothing she could do to erase her words, except maybe hope that Kendrick had drunk himself into a blackout.

Immediately, she felt guilty. She had meant the words, she wanted Kendrick just as much as she wanted Hasan and Mindil. She just wasn't sure if her confession was entirely honest. She had just made the decision to not fuck Hasan again. Did she confess her passion for Kendrick to distract herself? Was he nothing more than a bandage for a lost passion?

Lily worried her lip and reached down to stroke his hair. It was damp under her touch and she smiled. It was always damp, even nine years ago when they were kissing on the gazebo. She caught a strand of his hair and ran it along her finger, enjoying the way the scent of lightning rose up from the touch.

It was the same smell from so many years ago, the decade had done nothing to fade it. A deep breath brought her back to the gazebo where Kendrick first kissed her. She was so young them, excited and wide eyes as she was passed from one dance to another. Kendrick had started as just a random man who danced stiffly but then they got to talking.

She smiled as she remembered skipping out of her dance card to follow him to the gazebo. That was where she had her first kiss, right as the rain started. The air had the same smell of lightning.

Her body grew warmer. The first kiss ended with his hand on her hip and the other cupping the side of her face. It was warm and tender. She didn't know the strange feelings that filled her now, but as the years passed, she could remember the flush that coursed down her spine and pooled between her legs.

She remained in place while she enjoyed her memories, but it didn't take long before she grew uncomfortable. While there was a pillow behind her to brace against the wall, her legs were spread underneath Kendrick's body. Her knees rested on each side of his muscular chest, which meant the ripped dress and a silk thong were the only thing between her and his head.

A flare of heat blossomed from between her legs. Being spread open, she could too easily imagine his powerful hand spreading her thighs further apart and moving the only few inches needed to press his mouth against her pussy. She wondered how Kendrick would lick her. Would it be tender and deep like Hasan or primal like she imagined?

The heat grew more intense, rising up. Her nipples perked up with her thoughts.

A flare rose up and her hips lifted slightly. She could feel the moisture gathering along her sex, teasing her. Soft gasps rose from her lips as she imagined Kendrick's powerful hands against her thighs, his tongue lapping deeply along her insides.

Her toes curled with her fantasies, her hips rising and falling in tiny strokes.

Kendrick groaned and shifted.

Lily gasped and froze.

He shifted, one hand stretching out off the bed to clutch into a fist.

The faintest whiff of her pussy rose up from around him, the sweet tangy scent of a woman. Along with it came a blush as she realized he was waking up to the smell of her excitement.

Heart pounding, she stared down at the black-haired man who shifted in her lap.

Slowly, Kendrick lifted his head. His blue eyes came into focus. The scruff of his chin was only inches away from her pussy.

She panted as she watched him, knowing that if he took a deep breath he would know her thoughts.


“I… I have to go the bathroom.”

A brief smile cross Kendrick's lips but he pushed himself up to kneel between her legs. He gestured to the door. “Out, to the right, and down the hall. No one else should be here.” His voice was rough from drinking too much.

Blushing, Lily quickly extricated herself and stood up. Her torn dress rose up on her ass as she did and she felt the warm air brushing up against damp, sensitive flesh. She let out a gasp and grabbed at her hem to pull it down. Her fingertips missed and the fabric bounced up, revealing even more of her body to him.

With a gasp, she spun around in reflexive fear that he saw her soaked pussy.

He was once again face-down on the bed.

She let out a soft exhalation of relief slipped past her lips. For as much as she wanted him, desired him more than she could imagine, there was years of having a sense of proprietary rammed into her as a High Society lady. It would have been scandalous if anyone knew that he was staring at her wet lips. Or that he was drinking in the scent of her excitement every time he inhaled.

Lily let out a soft giggle. She reached out and unlocked the door. Even though Kendrick said the inn was empty, she still hesitantly walked down the hall. There were many rooms on the floor but each one was empty. There were chairs and dresses set up for new tenants but the beds were neatly made and untouched. Doors were propped open.

Curious about the lack of other people, she was still thankful when she encountered no one by the time she found the bathing area at the end of the hallway. It was well-appointed with a common area and eight wooden stalls, four on each side of the room. The furthest wall had toilets with curtains. The nearest stalls had showers. A large metal tank above all four of them protected a fire rune that continually heated the water inside.

She smiled and glanced around. When she spotted a pail of bathing supplies, she grabbed it and stripped down to take a long shower. She stopped when she peeled her silk thong from her legs; it was sticky and slick from her excitement. Smiling to herself, she ran her finger along the sensitive folds. The intense pleasure brought a shuddering gasp to her lips. She delved her finger further in, sliding back and forth along her aching clitoris.

“No, no!” she whispered to herself. The last time she masturbated to ease the pressure, it had ended with her being fucked repeatedly across the dining room table, the stairs, and her bed.

Her body grew even more flushed with the memory of Hasan fucking her.

As much as she wanted an orgasm, she couldn't risk spending the day in Kendrick's bed when she had Nirih's dress to finish.

Naked, she dove into a shower to scrub herself down and prepare for the day. When she finished, she felt much cleaner and erased the embarrassing hints of her excitement from her tingling sex and aching nipples.

She went to put her dress on but hesitated. It was far too short to return home without igniting gossip across the town. If she wanted to avoid embarrassing herself, she would have to find some way to make it longer. Looking around, she spotted her breast strap and her silk thong. She smiled to herself, she could unwrap both and extend the bottom of her dress a few more inches closer to proper.

Leaving her strap and thong off, she slipped on the dress. It settled down across her body, hanging off her breasts and hips. Her nipples were still hard, peaking up through the thin fabric. The material was also translucent and she could see hints of her pubic whenever she stepped into the light coming through the windows.

Feeling embarrassed, she gathered up the material and headed down the hall back to Kendrick's room. She stopped at a few rooms and peeked in the dressers, looking for needle and thread to repair her dress. Each one was empty.

When she reached Kendrick's room, she slowed down and inched the door open to peek inside.

Kendrick was still face-down on the bed. One leg had slipped off the edge of the bed, revealing a hard leg and an unmistakable bulge visible even from the door frame. He looked vulnerable and powerful at the same time, a beast sprawling out on a rock.

A different heat fluttered inside her, a hunger to see Kendrick more. She fought it down and eased into the room, walking on bare feet to his dresser. Slowly, she tugged it open. It was packed with clothes, tools, and books. With a grin, she gathered her underclothes with one hand and used it to lean against the wall as she dug into the other drawer.

She found a needle in the top drawer, but the leather straps next to it were too thick to use. With a sigh, she pushed the drawer close and bent over to open the next. There were more clothes. When she found a heavily-frayed pair of pants, she grinned. She could use some of the threads to lengthen her dress.

Kendrick's thick hand cupped her bare pussy, one thick finger pressing down the entire length of her slit and the tip rested right above her clitoris.

She jumped with a gasp. Her hand against the wall splayed opened, dropping her underwear as she braced herself. “Kendrick!”

He didn't say anything but his hand responded when he brushed his thumb up along the line of her buttocks, past her sphincter, and up against her tail bone. The effort felt like he was clamping his hand across all the sensitive areas of her body at once.

Gasping with the pleasure already building rapidly, she looked over her shoulder at him. She dragged her hand down the wall, trying to turn without prying the questing hand from her sex.

He grinned as he reached past her with his free hand. Slowly, he spread his hand over hers. When she didn't stop him, he carefully planted his palm over her wrist and pinned it to the wall. His much larger body loomed over her as he settled into place, one hand tight against her sex and the other holding her in place.

Lily felt a surge of heat burn through her. She had one free hand but even the briefest sense of helplessness seemed to stir her insides. Her nether lips tingled with anticipation and she couldn't help but buck her hand up against his palm as she let out a shuddering breath.

Kendrick leaned over until the hairs of his scruffy beard brushed against her bare shoulder. His breath was hot against her skin. “May I, beautiful?”

“W-What do you… want to do?” Lily knew exactly what she wanted. Her body tightened reflexively as she imagined his fingers plunging into her pussy.

“I want to say I'm sorry.”

Lily clamped tighter on the dresser, her body growing tense.

“I've been a weed. I know that… I shouldn't have assumed that nine years left everything the same. You should have never been a prize.” As he spoke, he dragged his one finger up and down her slit, working his way past the slick folds toward the fold of pleasure nestled inside.

She found it difficult to concentrate, her attention drawn to the powerful palm that was rubbing against her sex and the ridge of his thumb near her asshole. Hasan's words drifted back and she wondered if Kendrick had ever thought about anal sex.

Her thoughts brought a fresh wave of heat coursing through her body and a soft moan to slip her lips. She bucked against his hand again, enjoying the wide, powerful grip that held her tightly in place.

Kendrick grinned and rubbed his entire palm up and down her opening, swirling her juices across his skin and lubricating her folds. His finger never left her clitoris, swirling back and forth.

“Now, I believe last night, you said this was your choice.”

She opened her mouth to speak, but she couldn't get the words out. Her body was inundated with pleasure and she could only rock back and forth between the wall and his exploring fingers.

“And you don't have to make a choice now,” he said in a low voice, “but I want you to know that I was very hard when I woke up this morning.”

Another whimper.

“I found myself face-down on the lap of this most beautiful woman.”

As he spoke, Kendrick added a second finger to her pussy, working it back and forth along her slit. He also spread his digits to part her labia and exposed the sensitive flesh to the warm air.

Lily took a deep breath, drawing in the scent of both of their excitement. The sweetness of her pussy and the deeper tones of his cock. She wanted to see if he wore pants, he smelled fantastic, but she couldn't tear her eyes away from his gaze.

“When she began to start humping my chin while thinking about… what I think is sex, it got really hard.” He grinned. “It smelled so good, all I wanted to do was shove your thighs apart and just lick until you screamed.”

Lily moaned. “Y-Yes….” It had only been days since anyone had pressed his lips against her pussy but she was more than thankful that Kendrick was also willing to try. Her fantasies slammed into her, increasing the heat and liquid gathering inside her.

He chuckled. Drawing his fingers back away from her clitoris, he swirled them through her slick lips until the tips were pressed against the gate to her depths. They were rough, a worker's hands, but also strong and sure.

Still staring at her, he pushed them inside.

Lily's vision blurred as she let out a long moan of pleasure. The pressure and girth of his fingers was intense. She could feel every ridge and scar as it teased and pumped into her, stretching the tight tunnel around his digits. With two fingers, he was already thicker than Hasan and it only added to the pleasure as he buried himself to the first knuckle inside her.

She gripped the dresser tightly and leaned against it, pushing her hips back and drawing his finger deeper into her pussy. The dresser began to tilt and she let out a soft cry before dropping it to plant her other hand against the wall.

“I will admit, though, all my willpower cracked when I lifted my head to see you bent over this dresser, with your pretty little cunt—”

No one had ever used that word in front of her. It felt dirty and exciting at the same time. She trembled with need.

“—sticking out and begging to be touched. So I had to do the right thing and come right over her.”


He shoved his two fingers deep into her pussy, burying clear down to his knuckles. The thickness spread her wide open, filling her with delicious pleasure.

Lily stared with an open mouth.

“Sorry,” he said. He didn't look entirely sorry as he slowly drew his fingers out of her sex. The ridges and pleasures rippled along her senses, leaving her feeling on edge but also empty. He stopped when his fingertips once again danced against her opening.

She whimpered.

“It's your choice.” Kendrick leaned the few inches over. “It will always be your choice now. And, if the choice is just to have one day with me, then it will be the happiest day of my life.”

Tightening her inner muscles, wishing his fingers were once again inside her, she sniffed. “I do.”

He raised an eyebrow. “You do?”

“I want you.”


She bucked her hips back. “Please, inside me.”

“As you wish.”

But, even as he said the words, he pulled his hand back.

Lily whimpered, unable to look away.

It only took a second for the heat to return. A moment later, she realized that he had moved up behind her and it wasn't fingers that pressed against her entrance. The thick, rounded head of his cock was already slick and hotter than anything she had felt before.

Surprised, Lily still wanted it more than anything else. “Yes,” she whispered.

He guided it into her slicked entrance. There was little friction but a lot of pressure. He was thicker than anything she imagined, wider than his fingers and lined with deep ridges. She could feel her body opening around it and the girth stretching her insides.

Lily moaned loudly and pushed back, enjoying how her body resisted the intrusion from girth and size more than anything else. It only added to her excitement, flooding her pussy with juices as the immense cock slid deeper into her.

Tiny bolts of pleasure raced along her skin. Her eyes blurred as she focused on the cock that impaled her.

Kendrick took his time, holding her tight against the wall as he slid inch by inch into her, filling her completely to the brim with his hardness.

Lily spread her legs further apart, begging wordlessly for more.

It felt like both an eternity and an instant when his hips ground against her buttocks. He wasn't as long as Hasan, but the thickness made up for it. It seemed to stretch all of her insides into tightly-bound coils of pleasure.

Reaching over her other shoulder, Kendrick planted his damp palm against her other hand, pinning it to the wall. His body loomed over her, muscular and powerful.

An explosion of pleasure tore through her, setting off an orgasm as she felt dwarfed, protected, and vulnerable all at the same time. With a cry, she shoved back on his cock, grinding it down against his body.

He responded by driving it forward. His muscles were powerful as he shoved her forward and then drew back. It didn't take long for him to find a rhythm of powerfully thrusting inside her and drawing back. With every thrust, he picked her off the ground until she was supported by only the cock impaling her and the two hands pinning her to the wall.

Lily lost herself in pleasure as he drove into her, each thrust harder and faster. Soon he was slamming into her, jerking her entire body, as his cock pummeled her insides with raw ecstasy.

Soft cries of pleasure began louder moans and then screams. She thrust back as much as he drove forward, their bodies meeting with wet smacks as he drove his cock until she thought she would melt.

When he pulled back, her feet touched the ground but her legs wouldn't hold her weight. She started to collapse before the cock drove back into her, picking her off the ground and thrusting deep.

Lily screamed out, enjoying orgasm after orgasm that tore through her body. Her helplessness, her pleasure, and even her love only magnified the sensations as he pumped.

She felt his orgasm first, a searing hot flooding of her insides, but he didn't stop. Instead he kept driving into her. Each thrust grew wet and liquid, filling the room with splashing along with the powerful scent of ozone.

Kendrick kept going, pounding hard and fast despite the river of cum splashing to the ground. His motions were just as powerful, she hadn't felt his orgasm she would have been convinced he was still going.

Another blast of cum filled her and he kept going.

Lily lost herself in her own orgasms, the pleasure igniting the liquid heat that flooded her and then poured down, running down her inner thighs in rivers.

Kendrick let out a low growl of his own. His hands tightened across hers and he began to slam into her, pounding harder and faster. Each thrust completely plucked her off the ground, impaling her fully as her body exploded into tiny orgasms with every stroke. He yanked out and drove back in.

His cock swelled inside her, straining her insides even further as it grew harder and longer.

Then he came.

It was a powerful jet of hot liquid, powerful and primal. It flooded her completely, soaking her insides with his seed before pouring out in a thick river of cum. The wet, stick cum teased her insides in ways even a cock couldn't, setting off another wave of orgasms.

Every part of her body tightened around his cock as she screamed out in pleasure. It tore through her, radiating from her sex and insides to consume her entire body with wet, liquid ecstasy.

He froze, his cock thrust deep inside her and her feet off the ground. The final surges of his cum poured into her and splashed out. She shuddered with her final orgasm as she ground herself on it, loving every second of pleasure.

When it broke, he gently set her down on the ground and staggered back. His cock, an angry purple bobbed with his movements before he sat down on the edge of the bed. A few droplets of cum splashed down to hit the mattress.

Lily turned and leaned against the wall. Her legs were shaking and her breasts slick with sweat. She smiled as she looked at him.

Kendrick grinned back. “Your choice.”

“I… was thinking of getting your fingers back in me, not… not…” she pointed to his half-hard cock, “that.”

He looked down and then back up “What? You didn't like it?”

“Oh no,” she moaned, “I liked it very much.” She ran a finger down her trembling side, enjoying the afterglow that still pulsed inside her. It took all of her willpower to not throw herself back into bed, or straddle his hips and guide that shaft back into her. “In fact, I'd…”

Her words trailed off as she focused on the light coming through the window.

He cocked his head. “Something wrong?”

Lily sighed. “It's Pavdei, isn't it?”

Kendrick nodded, his cock deflating.

“I'm sorry, I have the store and… Nirih's… dress.”

He got up smoothly, a few droplets running down his limp cock. “I'll order you a carriage.” He stopped and looked at her with a grin.

She blushed. “What?”

“Might want to stop by home. That dress is….” His voice trailed off. He stepped up to her, his dark body pressing her against the wall for a moment.

Her blush grew hotter and a surge of heat flooded across her skin. A prickle of sweat dotted her brow.

He winked and leaned over, his mouth coming inches of her hard nipples. Grabbing his trousers, he stepped back and headed for the door.