Second-Hand Dresses

Robyn E. Firen

After being disgraced during her debutante ball, Lily dea Kasin found it impossible to find anyone who wanted her hand in marriage. Unable to live a happy life of being a married woman of High Society, she established a business sewing dresses for the other debutantes in society.

Now, five years later, she is on the eve of becoming a spinster, forever doomed to never be married again. But, who walks in the front door of her store, but one of the two men who disgraced her all those years ago.

Second-Hand Dresses is in alpha. This means that the plot is still being worked out, chapters are being added and removed, and everything is subject to change. Most of what is available to be read, either publically or via patrons has been peer edited but more is still to be done. Any money gained for the book will go into getting the novel edited properly and a cover commisioned.

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The current version of the book is 0.0.0. You can find it at the bottom of the legal page in both the ebook and print version.


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