Second-Hand Dresses

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Is it possible to drown in lovers?

Nine years ago, Lily dea Kasin's debutante ball was ruined by an ill-fated duel which ended in a burning manor and her reputation in shreds. Nine years later, she is only a year from becoming a kudame, an unmarried woman of High Society. Unable to find a husband with her bad luck, her career as a seamstress appears to be her fate for the rest of her days.

To her surprise, the man helping her move into lesser quarters ends up being the now-married man who started the duel for her hand in marriage. His affections are addictive for the abandoned young lady, and she is tempted. It doesn't take long but soon her life grows even more complicated when the other man who fought for her shows up at her shop while escaping from the men who helped him flee prison.

Second-Hand Dresses cover


Some scenes and themes that appear in this book: bisexuality, infidelity, nudity, parental abandonment, parental abandonment, polyamory, questioning sexuality, and verbal abuse. There is graphic sex. There is no rape.



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