Second-Hand Dresses 23: The Morning After

Only the shiftless, lazy, and poor are still in bed when the third bell coming ringing.

— Faminish dea Tolpear

Lily woke up with Hasan’s hand between her legs. It was strong and sure as it slid up and down, stroking her pleasurably sore lips with two damp fingers. She moaned and lifted her hips into it, sliding her knees along her sheets to give Hasan more access to her sex.

He had his thumb nestled between her buttocks and up against her sphincter. At first, she thought he was trying to force it into the tight opening but he only kept it in place with a light pressure.

She rocked her body in time with his two fingers dancing along her opening.

Every time he pulled up, the pressure would increase before he slid his fingers back down.

She clutched the sheets, keeping her face planted against her pillow. A muffled moan rose up as she spread herself even more and completely lifted her hips off the bed.

“Good morning,” Hasan said. He nestled his fingers between her nether lips and spread them open, tickling her with the warm air of her bedroom. He drew his fingers together and then eased them into the tight channel.

The faint discomfort of their night of sex was nothing compared to the fresh pleasures of being filled once again. He seemed to know exactly where to touch her, his fingers spread inside her to caress against her inner walls and along the tiny niches of pleasure that ignited the first waves of an orgasm inside her.

Lily moaned and ground against his hand. “M-Morning,” she said with a smile. Her voice was muted by the pillow, but she didn’t think he cared. She rocked her hips against his hand, growing accustomed to the pressure at her sphincter while enjoying the deep plunges of his fingers inside her.

“Should I keep going?”

She nodded.

He gripped her tighter, holding her in place as he fingered her faster. His knuckles smacked against her wet entrance. The impact sent tiny flashes of pleasure coursing along her body.

She ground her face into the pillow, closing her eyes to concentrate on the enjoyment of being pleasured. It was nice, sweet, sexy. It was also something she hadn’t ever had.

Lily grinned. She liked waking up this way.

Hasan shifted his position to lean over her, one hand resting against the small of her back and the other driving deep. His movements were long and measured, drawing almost completely out until her lips clung to his digits and then sliding deep inside. His knuckles ground against her lips before he wiggled his fingers inside. When he drew out again, he kept his fingers spread and she moaned even louder.

She lost herself in his fingering, her world nothing more than two digits plunging inside her. The pleasure burned inside her, rising up rapidly. She let out a muted cry and jammed herself back as it crested into a short burst of ecstasy that burned in her veins.

He chuckled and slowed down, stroking her in long, slow movements as she sank into the pleasure.

Lily dropped to the bed. “That is the best way to wake up.”

Hasan wiggled his fingers and she became aware that his thumb was no longer resting against her anal opening but slightly inside. It felt huge despite being less than an inch inside. She started to squirm but then lost her focus; it felt surprisingly good despite being dirty.

“Do you mind?” he whispered.

“With what?”

He wiggled his thumb. The sensation radiated against untouched nerves, a strange mixture of discomfort and pleasure.

She tensed with a moan. “I… I…” Having something teasing her ass shouldn’t feel good. Her inner walls clamped down on his fingers, squeezing down firmly.

“I like it.”

She smiled to herself. It did feel good but she didn’t think she could take anything more. A proper lady wouldn’t even consider having a finger much less what he wanted inside the forbidden entrance. Clamping down on his thumb, she pushed it out. Pulling away from the pillow, she looked at him.

Hasan was naked like her. He knelt on the bed with his long cock bouncing in front of him. It was red and already dripping with his own excitement. The clear juices dribbled down the bottom edge of his length, tracing along one bulging vein to another.

He pulled his hand away from her back and then fisted his cock, pumping down and smearing it with his juices.

A hungry desire filled her. She wanted it inside her again. Not looking away from his hardness, she said, “I’d rather have something else filling me.”

Hasan’s smile grew wider. He lifted himself enough to straddle her legs, pinning her hips back down to the bed as he pressed his length along the valley of her buttocks. He was hotter than she remembered. When he drew back, there was little friction but plenty of weight as his arrow-like head nestled against her buttocks and down into the valley. It stopped along her rear opening, a silent question.

“Not there,” she giggled and lifted her hips. She was trapped between his legs but there was enough room to bring his cock to the proper entrance. With a gasp, she planted her hands on her bed and pushed back.

His cock slipped inside her pussy. The hardness felt incredible against her sore lips, a balm of pleasure as she managed to guide a few inches into her sex.

Hasan moaned. His hands clamped on her hips, holding her down. With a gasp, he leaned forward and his hardness sank deeper into her sex.

Lily let her head fall back to the pillow. It was hard to concentrate on anything besides the cock that drove into her and the way his weight pushed her to her mattress. She bit down on the pillow and clutched the sheets.

She met every stroke of his with a lifting of her hips. The smack of their bodies filled the room growing faster as the pleasure intensified. Tiny little bursts of pleasure radiated from her sex, spreading across her entire body.

Hasan’s cock grew harder and hotter, filling her even more. He gripped tightly as he stroked into her, plunging deep into her body as he grunted with every stroke. She could feel him coming closer to an edge himself, it was hard to miss the heated liquid that painted her insides or the way his movements were growing more erratic.

She ground her body against him, trying to get more of him inside her. She grunted into the pillow; she knew a woman should be making more mewing or kittenish noises but didn’t care anymore. She only craved the next burst of ecstasy as it flared along her senses.

“I’m…” Hasan said, his voice cutting off. He lifted himself even further and the angle of his thrust tilted down, stroking against new pleasures.

Lily let out a cry as her body tightened into an orgasm. Her insides clenched around his cock, adding to the friction of the slick hardness that stroked along hypersensitive pleasures.

Hasan let out a long gasp.

Flooding inside her, he came inside her. She could feel it filling her, teasing along her senses before dribbling out from the junction of their bodies. His strokes grew wetter with every smack of his hips against her buttocks.

A few more strokes and Hasan shuddered to a stop. Slick with sweat, he fell against her. “Thank you,” he gasped. “That was wonderful.”

Lily smiled. “Thank—”

Her words stopped when she realized someone was knocking on the door. It was an insistent pounding, intended to be heard but also steady as if they had been knocking for some time. She frowned, no one should be calling on her so early.

Lily glanced at her clock. When she saw four glowing symbols, she did a double take. “It’s after the fourth bell?”

Hasan tensed. “F-Fourth!?” He looked at the clock and then scrambled off her, the tip of his cock splashing cum in an arc as he grabbed for his clothes. “I was supposed to be somewhere at the fourth. This isn’t good.”

It was Mumdei and she should have been at the store herself. She jumped out of bed and started for her wardrobe, but the insistent pounding halted her. Someone needed her attention and they didn’t want to wait. For a moment, she considered getting dressed properly but that would add precious minutes to answering a door, something a proper lady should never do.

On the other side of the room, Hasan shoved his manhood into his pants and buttoned it up. “I probably shouldn’t be seen leaving.”

Lily blushed, the hard reality of their lovemaking bearing down on her. He was a married man, she wasn’t married to him. Going through the back door wouldn’t be better than the front, he would have to climb over a fence which would draw more attention.

The knocking continued.

She had to answer the door. With a grunt, she gathered up her sun dress from the night before and pulled it on. It slid along her naked skin, hiding a few scratch marks from Hasan’s passion and her own hard nipples. There was nothing she could do about the moisture seeping out from between her legs, hopefully the dress and a quick spritz of perfume would make the evidence of her morning.

On the stairs, she used a bit of magic to darken the fabric. It wouldn’t change the material but it wouldn’t be obvious that she wore the same thing as the day before. It would also hide many of the stains from dinner and sex.

Lily couldn’t wait long, someone still pounding on the door.

Taking a deep breath, she opened it.

Tabithas held up her gloved hand to knock again but stopped. She gave a short bow. “Forgive the early morning—”

It was obvious to both of them that it wasn’t early nor would it be morning for long.

Lily tensed, Tabithas wasn’t smiling.

“—however I have a summons of importance for you.”

“S-Summons?” A prickle of fear and concern cooled her fading lusts almost instantly. She found herself panting as she waited. “Is there something wrong? My mother?”

For the briefest of seconds, there was a flash of pain in the old woman’s eyes but then it faded. “Your mother is healthy and safe, however she demands your presence immediately at Manor Rose.”

All the muscles in Lily’s chest and back tightened. She gulped and stared at Tabithas for a moment. “Do you know why?”

Tabithas said nothing, her face impassive.

Lily sighed and then opened the door further. “Come in, I’ll get ready.”

“Thank you, Bedame.” The driver only took a few steps inside and to the side of the door. She looked around briefly but then her gaze turned toward the dining room.

Lily followed it, a feeling of dread hanging over her.

There was platters on the floor among the lumps of deserts and treats. The meat courses had congealed over the night, one chunk of roasted beef balanced on the edge of a chair with a puddle of brown sauce underneath it. Sweet rolls were tossed to the side, one of them rested listlessly underneath a painting.

The only clear spot was in the middle, where Hasan had swept the table clear. A single piece of clothing marked the spot, her abandoned underwear curled up in silent testimony.

The blush on Lily’s cheeks became a burn. “I-I…”

“Who was it?” asked Hasan as he started down the stairs. He was tucking in his shirt. When he spotted Tabithas, he stopped and all the color drained out of his face.

Tabithas looked up at him and then to Lily. Slowly, she returned her gaze to Hasan but focused lower, on the golden marriage bracelet around his wrist.

Lily blushed and looked away.

The older woman sighed loudly, the disapproval obvious in her tone. “I’ll wait outside for you to clean up properly.” There was a final sound to the last few words. “It would be prudent to be presentable in this situation. Please do not tarry.”

Without another look toward Hasan, she let herself out the door and closed it behind her.


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