Second-Hand Dresses 22: Refined Tastes

A well-crafted meal artfully presented on the table is proof of a woman’s skill and talent.

— Ridokinar Satiov

Even though her stomach was full, Lily considered a plate filled with roasted apples in caramelized molasses sugar, curls of citrus, and what appeared to be sweet root shavings. Her stomach said she was full but it looked good enough to brave the discomfort.

“Anything else?” Hasan’s voice was low, a purr that seemed to tickle her skin and caress her ears. Little flutters danced over her skin and she clamped her legs together in fear of him smelling her rising desire.

It didn’t take much effort to look over to him, he was sitting next to her instead of across the table. It was the same as when they were doing books, but the heat of his body and the smell of his skin made it hard for her to concentrate enough to hold her fork. Her thoughts kept drifting back to their kiss days ago or her failed attempts to relieve her lusts by masturbating upstairs. Now she craved more than her finger, she wanted to feel his touch against her slick lips or the press of his body to her aching nipples.

His eyes scanned back and forth. She knew he could see she was excited, she could feel the heat on her cheeks and the way her body trembled every time he inched closer. There was no doubt she was screaming her intentions but there was no way to silence the flush on her cheeks or the flutters between her legs.

Lily gulped and looked down at her lap. The material of her summer dress was thin and dangerously translucent. She had forgotten—or chose to forget—when she pulled it own. Now, she regretted it as she watched the muscles of her thighs flex or could imagine the shadow between her legs was something more than just light; she was slick enough that any touch would soak through the pattern as easily and matched the moisture of her underwear.

She knew she should respond, but it was hard. Her mind had fallen into a rut. She opened her mouth and closed it, struggling with the words that didn’t start with “I want you…”

Hasan reached out with his hand, his fingers spreading as he held them over her knee.

Lily fought back a whimper. She wanted him to touch her.

She also knew she shouldn’t, not with Mindil’s friendship.

Her knee swung out slightly, centering her leg underneath his hand.

Smoothly, Hasan lowered it and ran his fingertips along the top of her leg.

She tensed as the heat flared inside her. Her insides felt liquid, boiling with her thoughts. Her guilt over Mindil eroded under the part of her screaming for him to reach higher along her limb, to touch the places she had awoken earlier.

Slowly, she lifted her eyes.

Hasan was tilted toward her, his shoulders facing her and one leg starting to sway to center his body on her. It was intimate and close, dangerously close. He stroked one finger against the inside of her leg but said nothing.

She wanted him to do more. Her inner war was losing with his proximity.

“Anything at all?”

“Y-You made so much,” she whispered.

He added a second finger to slid back and forth against her inner knee. The fabric of her dress rose up slowly, tickling her shin as he worked it along his palm. He gave her a bright smile and leaned closer until she was surrounded by the scent of his cologne. “For you, anything.”

Lily’s inner muscles clenched at the low purr of his voice. She leaned closer to him, breathing deep as she stared into his warm, brown eyes. Her knee spread further apart.

He rewarded her by sliding four fingers along the inner part, tugging up the hem of her dress until he was stroking his fingers along the bare skin of her thigh. He smiled and leaned into her, riding his hand up her thigh.

Her insides flared with heat with every inch his hand pulled her dress up. The fabric bunched in her lap, pressing against her clasped fingers in a silent request to pull away and give him full access to the liquid heat caught between her legs.

Lily resisted as much as she could.

He stopped when her thighs pressed against him. The touch was electric as he held it there, gently stroking against skin that no man had touched in a very long time. “Lily?”

“Y-Yes, Hasan.”

“I want—”

Her heart jumped. She panted as she leaned into him. Their lips were only inches apart. “Yes,” she breathed.

It wasn’t a question, it was a request. The last vestiges of guilt burned away as he stared into her eyes.

“Yes,” she repeated in quiet whisper. “I want you.”

In case he didn’t understand, she spread her legs further apart, moving the furthest one away from him. The bunched fabric draped down and tickled her sex, teasing it through the lace of her underwear. It was a promise of what was to come, one that she had craved for many days.

Hasan smiled and drew his hand up, moving faster than before. His long fingers cupped her and he pressed his palm against the moist fabric.

The rasp of lace against her nethers stole her breath away, it was hot and rough at the same time.

“You’re wet.”

She gasped softly. “I am.”

He trailed one finger up and down her furrow, tracing it through the fabric. The other fingers rested lightly on the bare skin of her thighs and along the curve of her sex, bracing himself as he teased her. The gesture was insistent and teasing, a promise of what would be coming not soon enough.

Lily tilted her hips toward him to welcome him. She reached across the distance, only an inch, and pressed her lips against him. The first touch shocked her, a tingling burst of pleasure. She inhaled and kissed him again, shifting into his stroking fingers as she kissed him passionately.

Hasan leaned into her, his finger stroking faster as he ran it up and down her slit. The pressure flicked along her clitoris, adding heat to her fire.

She gasped, breaking the kiss only long enough to inhale, and then dove back in. Her hands reached out but she didn’t know what to grab. After a second of having her body stroked and teased, she gripped the table with one hand and Hasan’s shoulders with the other.

“Oh, Lily,” he murmured in the tiny gap between kisses.

She smiled and clutched him tighter. She opened her mouth wider, welcoming his questing tongue. It tasted sweet and salty, the different flavors of their meal and the heat of their bodies mingling. Her hips rose up to meet his finger, rocking wildly back and forth.

Hasan started to stroke to the side. He found the edge of her lace panties and then worked his slick finger underneath the fabric. The tip swirled through the short hairs pressed against her skin, tugging and teasing as he dove back down.

The first touch of his bare finger against her clitoris forced a gasp and a moan.

He chuckled and lifted himself partially out of the chair to plunge his finger into her wet opening and back again. Every stroke from her entrance to her clitoris and back again fired intense waves of heat coursing along her body.

She moaned loudly. Digging her fingers into his shoulder, she ground her body against the finger as he added a second into the space of her soaked folds. She pushed into every thrust, craving the pleasure as he teased her inner walls and sent off fireworks along her senses.

It wasn’t enough. His fingers and kisses were only making the fires hotter.

Unable to breathe, she broke the kiss. “Hasan?”

“I want you.”

“Now, please?”

He smiled broadly and stood up. His cock was a ridge along his trousers.

She started to reach for it, to see what he had underneath, but he caught her wrists and tugged her up to her feet.

With his other hand, he swept plates and flatware from the table. Roasted foods and sweets plummeted to the floor. A few plates cracked.

Lily wanted to cringe, but her attention was ripped away when Hasan pushed her against the table and then reached around to grab her buttocks. With a hungry growl, he lifted her up and planted her rear on the edge. As soon as she was secure, he pawed at her dress, yanking it up to reveal her soaked lace.

Heart pounding in her chest, Lily waited with anticipation as he grabbed the waist of her underwear and drew it down her leg.

He was rough and fast, the fabric bunched against her knee until he yanked it free. The sight of his wild eyes brought a wave of heat rolling across her. She couldn’t wait.

Seconds later, she was bare to his sight. She shivered with the intense look in his eyes and slowly spread her legs to give him a better view of her sex.

Instead of dropping his trousers, though, Hasan suddenly dropped to his knees.


The words froze in her throat as he leaned forward and planted his lips right on her sex. The shock of his actions, it wasn’t anything she had heard of, stunned her for a moment. Before she could recover, the sensations of his tongue lapping at her clitoris and opening washed over it. It was a rippling pleasure, slick and hard and questing. He seemed to find every sensitive spot of her body and plunged his tongue against it.

Words forgotten, Lily let out a cry of pleasure. She grabbed him for balance; her fingers caught on his blond hair and she gripped it tightly. With her other, she managed to brace it behind her.

Hasan leaned forward, spreading his lips wide over her sex and lapping harder and faster. His tip swirled around her clitoris, pushing her toward an orgasm.

The pleasure was like nothing she had ever felt before. It was nothing her fingers or imagination could every picture. With a startled cry, she ground his face into her sex and let the pleasure explode inside her.

Stars swirled across her vision, leaving behind little trails. The pleasure didn’t have a focus, instead it suffused her entire body.

Her other hand slipped on a puddle of gravy and she fell back, smacking against the table. She brought Hasan with her, forcing his mouth tight against her entrance as she lost herself in a shuddering orgasm that left her gasping for breath.

When it subsided into lapping waves of pleasure, she looked up and smiled. “I-I… never done that.”

Hasan stood up. He grabbed a napkin and wiped the glistening juices from his face.

Lily’s eyes slid down to his crotch. His cock was straining his pants, a thick ridge that had a soaked spot near the tip. Her inner walls clenched with anticipation, the afterglow of her orgasm only adding a sharpness to her hungry need for him to be inside her.

He finished and neatly folded the napkin in two. Setting it down, he ran his hands along her inner thighs. “Lily, may I?”

“Please,” she moaned.

Hasan breathed deeply as he stepped back. His fingers fumbled with the buttons of his trousers for a moment. When he managed to open them, his cock bounced out of the opening. He wore underwear, a crimson red silk. It was startling as was the length; he looked longer than any of her previous lovers.

It took him too long to pull his underwear over his length and then pushed it down. She stared with hunger at it, it was long but also reasonably thick. An arrow-shaped head looked perfect for entering her and she trembled with anticipation.

When Hasan finally stepped out of his pants, he stepped up between her legs. His cock, reddened with his lust, bounced with his heartbeats.

She reached out for it, stroking the silky length in her palm. He was soaking wet also, his juices coating his entire length. She smiled and explored it, tracing the narrow head down the length to his hair-covered balls.

Hasan panted, his eyes staring down at her hand.

Lily pulled him closer, aiming his cock toward her entrance. When it was close enough, she ran it up and down her slit, gathering up her own moisture. The heat and hardness was just as intense as his tongue. She couldn’t take it more and brought him down to her opening, pulling him in until his cock head lodged itself in her body.

The heat from his body washed over her. She tightened her inner walls around it, enjoying the sensation of having Hasan’s cock filling her.

Hasan reached out and grabbed her hips. With a sharp movement, he plunged it deep into her body.

Lily cried out, gasping with pleasure as he filled her. His length was hard and pounding inside her, a different beat just as fast as her own heart. It has been many years and she had forgotten the pleasure of being joined.

He didn’t wait long. With a gasp, he pulled most of his length out and began to pound into her. His hips smacked against her inner thighs, spreading them further apart as his cock plunged deep into her body.

Lily gasped and reached out for him, clutching the front of his jacket for balance as she stared into his eyes.

He focused on her, his eyes almost glowing with the intense as his hips drove his hardness into her with rapid deep strokes. Each one filled her completely, reaching her innermost limits, before sliding out of her. The ridges of his veins and his tip teased against her inner walls.

Pleasure built up rapidly, honed to a sharpness from her earlier orgasms. She begged for it to keep going, pulling Hasan into her just as much as he entered her with abandon.

“Li… ly,” he gasped. “I-I can’t…”

She stared into his eyes, he was straining to keep himself from coming. She wanted it, needed it actually. She wanted to feel the hot seed against her inner walls, soaking her with pleasure. Unable to talk, she nodded and yanked him deeper.

Hasan plunged into her hard, shaking the table and sending more platters cascading to the ground. His fingers dug into her hips as he drove his hardness into her with deep strokes that filled her completely.

Every ridge against her inner walls pushed her closer. She felt an orgasm riding, not fast enough for him, but still enough.

He came with a grunt. His cock drove in and out, splattering cum everywhere as he lost his rhythm. Then, he drove it hard inside her and held it there, painting her insides with his seed.

Lily’s orgasm faded but she was sated. She released his jacket, her knuckles sore from her grip.

“I,” he gasped. “I finally got you.”

“I know.”

They stood in place, his hardness jumping deep inside her soaked insides. The pleasure faded, leaving behind a ruddy afterglow that filled her body.

Lily panted, her body slick with sweat. She couldn’t stop smiling and, judging from his face, neither could he.

Finally, he pulled out. A few globs of cum oozed out. Half-naked, he held out his hand. “May I?”


“To your bed, you didn’t come.”

“I did. I really did.”

“Not enough,” he said with a wink.


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