Second-Hand Dresses 21: Dinner Service

The ideal wife as the dinner waiting for her husband as he walks in the door. Even if she is but guiding cooks from a seat, it is her hand that prepares the meal.

— Edastin Kismir, The Cook's Affair (Act 1, Scene 2)

Lily sang under her breath as she hopped up on the curb and continued her way home. She had her two bags, Nirih's dress was always with her now, but she had found a comfortable position to keep them without strangling herself with the heavy weight. It didn't matter though, the intense high from a successful day kept her company.

Her thoughts were chaotic, bouncing back and forth between everything that had happened. One moment, she relived Mindil's kiss. The memories were enough to bring a flutter to her heart and a moisture between her legs. Her pussy ached and she couldn't wait to get home to pleasure herself.

A pair of women followed by an escort passed her. That ripped her thoughts away from Mindil and to their outfits. She could see now how her services could be used to color their boots, gloves, and even hair to match or contrast with the colors of their evening dresses. It had the greatest potential of ensuring her steady business for the rest of her life, if she could pull it off.

The specter of Nirih's dress returned to her. She had to get the outfit right, even if she worked day and night. She worried her bottom lip for a moment and then accelerated to get home earlier, having a quick dinner, and then work late. Mindil had asked her to invite Hasan over but she had a few days.

It would also give her a night to figure out how to tell him no. She liked Mindil, more and more the longer she spent with her. Both Hasan and her were intense, forceful, and commanding. They made it difficult for her to deny them, mainly because she didn't, but she felt guilty about her relationship with Hasan.

The excitement had cooled by the time she reached her block. She came around the corner with determination, ready to work for the night.

When she saw Hasan's carriage standing outside of her house, she stopped. “No,” she whimpered. At the same time, the little fantasies she had been using to pleasure herself bubbled up, caressing against her inner thighs and along her nipples. She had an entire night with him to do whatever she wanted.

Guilt rose up, choking her. She wanted Hasan, but she also wanted Mindil. The kisses that kept her going at night were still buzzing around inside her, pushing her to the edge. There was no way she could find relief with Hasan.

Lily's cheeks flushed as she tried to come up with a plan for entering her house. When she started to practice how she would tell him no, her fantasies twisted it around as she imagined herself being pinned against the wall, his hardness pressed up against her aching sex and his hands caressing her body. She could almost feel the heat of his breath against her neck, right in the sensitive spot that always made her shiver with pleasure.

Lily froze. No, she wasn't supposed to think about Hasan having his way with her. She was supposed to drive him out so she could work. With a frown, she steeled herself to tell him to leave no matter how much she wanted him to stay.

Marching down, she was painfully aware of the slickness between her legs. The throb of her clitoris and the ache in her nipples made it even harder to remain confident. She stumbled before she made it to her own gate.

“Okay, Lily, just tell him to go home.”

The door was unlocked. She trembled as she opened it.

The rich smells of cooking poured out. There was seasoned meat and spiced apples. Even the scent of sweet breads rolled over her, reminding her that she hadn't eaten since Mindil had left. Her stomach grumbled.

Hasan leaned into sight from the kitchen. “Welcome home, Lily.”

He wore his normal black suit but had taken off the jacket to reveal his slim lines. A flowered apron protected his black trousers and his pale yellow shirt. The front of it pinned his matching orange tie to his chest. There was even a neat little bow right above the curve of his buttocks.

Lily froze, her wits slipping away from her as she stared at him.

Hasan always looked impeccable every time she saw him. There wasn't even a single food stain on his shirt or pants. In fact, she didn't even see one on the apron. If it wasn't for the steaming food on the counter behind him, she would have thought he was posing for her instead of actually cooking.

He stepped fully in view. He had a bowl in his hand where he was mixing something in it with a wooden spoon. “I wasn't expecting you for another hour.”

Lily's mouth opened. He was baking, that was a woman's duty. Something inside her flipped and her heart beat faster.

He smiled. “Come in. I'm almost done with the cherry cream.”

She stepped inside. “I didn't know….?”

He hefted the bowl. “Oh this? Yeah, Min…” he gulped for a moment. “I learned over the last few years when the cook took a vacation and… I had a desire for something sweet and tasty.”

The look he favored her when he finished sent another flutter of excitement.

“Mindil likes sweets?” She tensed even as she said it, she didn't want to remind herself that Mindil didn't know what Hasan was doing.

His shoulder slumped slightly and he nodded. “Both of us, to be honest. It was one of the things we both found we had in common. Not a lot, but many different tastes.”

“Like me?” The words were out of her mouth before she realized it. With a gasp, she froze.

A slow smile crossed his lips, it was predatory and hungry. “She told you about that.”

Her nether lips tingled with her lust as she stepped inside. Carefully, she set the bag with the dress to the side before closing the door behind her. “It wasn't hard to tell that you fancied me.”

He started to say something but then closed his mouth. He seemed to settle with a smile and then returned to the kitchen.

Lily followed after him, her heart thumping. She knew she needed to tell him to leave but the smells and his smile drew her further into his trap. Guilt hung behind her in a cloud, hanging there but no longer shielding her from his attractiveness.

Hasan had prepared a rich meal for them. There were already two sets of plates set out along with the requisite flatware. Steam rose from the top of the oven door and there was a heavenly scent coming from the pots on the ceramic disks with the heating runes underneath them.

“It smells good.”

“Thank you. I find cooking relaxes me. Most of the time, the cook does it. For special occasions, I take over the kitchen.”

“I bet she likes it.”

“No, that old bog hates it. I don't ever put dishes away properly and she doesn't like how I arrange the spices. I'll never understand organizing based on flavors instead of frequent use or tastes.”

Lily giggled. When he looked at her, she ducked her head and blushed.

“I should have everything ready in about fifteen minutes.”

“I… I…” Lily stammered for a moment. “I should clean up then.”

Hasan looked at her, his eyes were a molten brown.

Her body responded with a surge of heat deep inside her. She turned and fled for her bedroom in fear that she was about to rip her dress off. Her body burned with lust and she couldn't think straight with the pulsating between her legs.

Upstairs, she closed the door firmly behind her. “What are you doing?” she gasped. She fumbled with her dress, the lashes and buttons that she had easily handled for years were suddenly too complicated for her. She whimpered for a moment, her skin flushed and her breath coming in short pants.

A humiliating minute or three later, she stood nearly naked in the middle of her room. She wore her underwear, a pair of silk panties that hooked over her hips and nestled between her legs. They were damp and the fragrance of her excitement rose up around her. Trembling, she reached down and ran a finger along her furrow.

The pleasure of her touch set off little sparks along her skin. An orgasm was dangerously close, more so knowing that there is a man who infinitely desired her waiting downstairs. She smiled and stroked harder, working her fingertip between her folds to search out the nub of pleasure. When she found it, she leaned back against her wardrobe and rubbed slowly, enjoying the flares.

Lily got the idea of masturbating to relieve the pressure and help her handle Hasan without her own lusts getting in the way. She peeled the fabric of her panties aside to plunge directly into her wetness. Every stroke against her sensitive skin brought a curl to her toes and a soft moan slipping from her lips.

With her other hand, she reached up and caught her breast. The soft mound was tipped with an achingly hard nipple. Smaller than Mindil's but it was connected directly to her clitoris. Squeezing and twisting it brought sparks of pleasure coursing along her nerves.

The though of Mindil blurred her thoughts. She imagined her friend's naked body in front of her, gloriously standing there. No, next to Lily with her lips against the nape of Lily's neck.

The pleasure inside flared at the imagination.

“Little… more….” gasped Lily. She stroked faster and harder, closing her eyes as she tried to imagine the sensation of Mindil's body up against hers, grinding and stroking.

What would her fingers feel against Lily's sex? Would she be dominating in bed as she was in the store? Commanding? Lily imagined Mindil reached up to grab Lily's long hair and wrapping it around her palm. The pressure would feel good as would the submission to the younger dame.

Her thoughts pushed Lily over. She clamped one hand over her mouth as she sank to her knees, sawing her dripping fingers back and forth across her furrow as pleasure consumed her thoughts. She cried out into her palm, sobbing with ecstasy as the orgasm burst into brilliance.

For a long moment, she leaned against her wardrobe and floating in the afterglow of her orgasm. She panted slowly. A smile crossed her lips as she felt the sweat prickling along her skin and the moisture dripping from her finger.

Slowly, she pushed herself to her feet. She sniffed at her fingers, enjoying the sweet tangy scent of her own pussy.

Now she could handle Hasan.

Licking her lips, she headed to her bathroom to clean herself off and find a more appropriate outfit for a chaste evening dinner before going back to work.