Byodenóre is a courier of the Shimusògo clan. He ran until the last day of his life, dying from an attack but not before delivering one final message. He was honored in the Shimusogo Shrine.

Sand and Blood

In the first chapter of Sand and Blood, Rutejìmo attempts to steal Byodenóre's ashes to prove his skills. He is caught by Hyonèku and ordered to report to Byodenóre's and Rutejìmo's grandmother, Tejíko.

⚠️ SPOILER: From this point, this page reveals spoilers for Sand and Blood.

When Tejíko found out, she beat Rutejìmo until Gemènyo interrupted her.

Rutejìmo's grandmother let out an exasperated sigh. “This is none of your business, Gemènyo.”

“I just wanted to make sure the screams of a little child were for a good reason.”

“He tried to steal Byodenóre's ashes.”

“Oh, did he succeed or fail?”

“Failed, of course.”

Gemènyo waved his pipe in the air. “Then I agree, a beating is appropriate here. Please, go right ahead, Great Shimusogo Tejíko.”