Tejíko is a courier of the Shimusògo clan. She is known to be violent when angry and is well-known for beating children for punishment or chasing them out of the valley. She helped raise Rutejìmo from when he was four years old until the beginning of Sand and Blood when he was seventeen.

Early Life

Tejíko always had a fascination with maps. Even before she gained her powers with the clan, she was creating maps of the local area. Later, as a courier, she documented most of the routes the Shimusògo took for their jobs and collected the results in her cave. She frequently traded maps with other travelers and soon built up a detailed understanding of the eastern desert.

She never finished gathering the maps into a proper collection. When she retired from being a courier, she started the effort but found herself spending the days going over the old memories that she was unable to finish.

Sand and Blood

By the beginning of Sand and Blood, Tejíko's hair ring had become a persistent part of her outfit, even when she was prepared to sleep. In addition, her obsession with maps continued well past her retirement.

His grandmother sat in the middle of the floor. Bound into a thick tail, her long, white hair snaked down to the ground where she had tied the tip to a carved wooden ring. She wore her sleeping outfit, a heavily embroidered cotton top and bottom. The fabric was white except for the orange trim highlighting her bare feet and hands.

⚠️ SPOILER: From this point, this page reveals spoilers for Sand and Blood.

When Tejiko found out that Rutejìmo had been caught trying to break into the shrine in the valley, she beat him repeatedly as punishment. It wasn't until Gemènyo stopped her that she left Rutejìmo alone.

Later, when the clan elders voted to include Rutejìmo with Chimípu's rite of passage, she voted against it because she felt Rutejìmo still needed to grow up. When her husband, Somiryòki, voted against her, she was enraged but allowed Rutejìmo to leave the valley.