Towler Classification

The Towler Classification is the name of a taxonomy system created by Towler to explain the specialization of Crystal Spheres where some mages were capable of using “all earth magic” while others were unable to go beyond stone or dirt. The crux of the system is an open-ended tree structure with the top-level elements being elemental (rakle) and reactional (frati) and then furthering refinement with the second-, third-, and higher level orders.

The names are classical names from Lorban regardless of the native language of teh speacker.


  • frati: All reactionals
  • frati fagri: Fire magic, including heat and flame
  • frati fagri fagri: Heat-less flame
  • frati fagri glanejni: Magic that produces heat without flames
  • rakle: All elementals
  • rakle djacu: Water
  • rakle djacu bumru: Mist