Raging Alone

D. Moonfire

Four years ago, Desòchu saw his mother die only days after his brother, Rutejìmo, was born. His last memory was her in a puddle of blood with the rest of the clan pushing him away. In the years that followed, both Desòchu and his father blamed Rutejìmo for his death.

At least until Desòchu's father disappeared in the middle of the night. Now, Desòchu has a second reason to blame Rutejìmo for. But, how far will he go with his anger? Would he be willing to kill his own brother just to fill in the hole in his heart?

Raging Alone is in alpha. This means that the plot is still being worked out, chapters are being added and removed, and everything is subject to change. Most of what is available to be read, either publically or via patrons has been peer edited but more is still to be done. Any money gained for the book will go into getting the novel edited properly and a cover commisioned.

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