May I Lead This Dance

This is a Work in Progress. This means that the story isn't completely fleshed out or is still being written. Character and location names may change in the process. Chapters may be rewritten or there could be significant edits throughout the entire piece. To read advanced chapters or have a say on how the story turns out, consider becoming a patron.

Better a dress than a suit...

Galadin always wanted to go the glorious presentation balls, the ritualistic dances and events centered around the debutantes entering High Society looking for marriage. However, Galadin's sex makes it impossible, only teenage girls were allowed to be presented as a debutante. The most Galadin could hope for was attending as a suitor, a role they didn't want.

A chance encounter with a shocking Naval officer pushes Galadin to face their own desires and to dredge up the courage to finally ask for what they wanted. But would that drive see Galadin attending the balls as a suitor or as Glorias, a debutante?

May I Lead This Dance cover

Some themes that appear in this book: bullying, cross-dressing, deception, misgendering, parental abuse, questioning gender identity, and verbal abuse. There is sexual attraction but no explicit scenes. There is no rape.




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