Kiríshi (Ríshi) is a courier of the Shimusògo clan, husband to Hyonèku, and adoptive mother of Mapábyo.

Early Life

When she was growing up, Kiríshi found that she loved cooking for the clan. She volunteered for working there whenever possible and the retired elders welcomed her. It also meant that she didn’t have to clean, a task she detested more than anything else.


When Hyonèku called for help, it was Desòchu and Kiríshi who were the closest and answered. Desòchu attacked the night clan harrying the courier but even Kiríshi was attacked as she sheltered the young Mapábyo when one slipped through Desòchu’s fight.

Later, when the clan was about to refuse Hyonèku’s request to adopt the girl, she realized how much he loved Mapábyo and offered to marry him. Stunned, he and the rest of the clan accepted.

It wasn’t until years later that she finally fell in love with Hyonèku herself, mainly because of his love for Mapábyo and the way he treated her as a queen, despite the fact the slept in separate caves and frequently fought.



Secondary Sources

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