One of the uncommon features of this site is that every source is tagged with both the point of view from that source and where it lies in written order. You can see that with the sources below.

The four-digit number before the “-” is the point-of-view with “0000” and “9999” being special. Since the Fedran stories are written with limited points of view of an unreliable narrator, it is helpful to know when a character has a certain way of thinking or perceiving the world. This does mean that I don’t think there will be more than 9998 unique characters in the world, but if this number gets into the 9500’s or higher, reformatting may be needed.

The second number is the volume (story or novel) from that point of view. Like most things on this site, “00” will be the first one with each successive being one higher.

As a convention on this site, identifiers will be surrounded by parenthesis such as "(0100-02)".


A later project is the so-called “aggregate” novels. This refers to one of two things: a POV collection and a theme collection.

A POV collection is always volume “99” (so, it would be “0100-99” for Rutejìmo that merges every chapter and story in chronological order into a single document (probably an ebook).

A theme collection is similar, except it gathers every story and chapter that is related to a theme and combines them in order. Again, it will be chronological from the world’s point of view, not the written or publication order. If it works well, it would show the evolution of thoughts, stories, and plots across multiple points of view for a specific theme.

The final one, “9999-99”, is intended to be every story, novel, and essay for the entire world (effectively all the fiction on this site) combined into a single ebook. Naturally, this one will simply be called “Fedran”.