Chyojímo is a courier of the Shimusògo clan.


1424/7/9 MTR 4::51

Chyojimo always wanted four children in her life, two girls and two boys. When her first son was born, she was estatic. But, her later attempts ended in a series of miscarriages that left her weak and unable to run with the rest of her clan. After the third miscarriage, she retired from being a courier and remained in Shimusogo Valley with the elders.

Her second son, Rutejìmo, was a happy surprise but her pregnancy was plagued with difficulties. When he was born, she lost a lot of blood and many of the clan didn’t think she would make it but she was determined. Only a few weeks after Rutejìmo was born, she tripped on a path and fell. The injuries from her fall was too much and she died soon after being rescued.

1454/8/6 MTR 12::5