A Girl's Secret

Written by Ralador Markin but not discovered until after his death, A Girl's Secret is a novel about a girl who struggled with her gender identity throughout her childhood. The book details her journey to twist her body into being a male, but it is mostly a series of harrowing failures that left her physically twisted and deformed.

Despite everything, the story ends on a positive note as the now-mostly-male character falls in love with a necromancer who helped her final steps through the journey. They find a new home, get married, and have three children.

The events of the later part of the book matched Ralador's marriage and children almost exactly. There was some doubt that the beginning was true until seven original copies were found, each one hand-written and addressed to members of a leading Tarsan family.

In the short period of time before at least six of the copies were destroyed and the records sealed, it was confirmed that Ralador was actually the girl from the story.

Ralador's wife disappeared with the seventh copy of the book. His children disavowed their parents and never saw her again.


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