Son of Vo

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A few years later, Kanéko has difficulties adjusting after being almost killed at the end of Pack Daughter. She finally crews the Burning Cloud Queen after being betrayed in the previous book and uses it initially to establish shipping routes between the mill and Jinto Panzir. She uses the money from that to help pay for a railroad which runs along the valley that Maris created trying to get Kanéko to a healer.

They make a longer trip to the ocean, to establish a more profitable trade route. She travels with Maris, who is now a first circle Mage Knight with three elemental powers (air, fire, and water), and the son of the merchant she met in the first book. She also carried a lot of guns, mainly because she never wants to be unarmed like the attack at the end of Pack Daughter.

At the coastal city, Maris is kidnapped by vomen who hold her hostage for Ruben. Kanéko tries to rescue her on her own but fails. She has to be saved by a stranger who ends up being Damagar in a new personality.

Ruben travels to the city to save Maris but is triggered by the telepaths and starts to go insane. He begins to absorb the Isle of Vo and it is up to Kanéko, Maris, and Damagar to save him from himself and convince the telepaths to live him alone. Along the way, Damagar and Ruben merge into a powerful being and Maris gains stone powers.

Son of Vo cover

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