Chapter Synopsis

Here is a chapter-by-chapter synopsis of the novel:

Chapter 31: Betrayal’s Knife

After an enjoyable morning with Kendrick, Lily found a renewed energy to work on Nirih’s dress. However, the joy quickly fades when Mindil returns and Lily is reminded of the betrayal to her friend by sleeping with Hasan.

Chapter 33: The Invitation

Lily’s perfect morning started as she finished the embroidery on Nirih’s dress. She is finally able to focus and the dress was finally coming into shape. However, everything is put into risk when Mindil shows up.

Chapter 34: Confession

Lily dreaded having lunch with Mindil and Hasan. As much as she adored both of them, the guilt of her adulterous night with Hasan hung over her like a blade poised at her neck.

Chapter 35: Confrontation

Working through the tears of her betrayal to her best friend, Lily dreads hearing the door on her store ring out. There were only two people who would show up, both of them ready to ruin her day. It was just a matter of which one would come.

Chapter 36: Negotiations

Embarrassed at being caught making out with Mindil, Lily sits down with her two lovers to talk about their future. To her surprise, both are willing to accept the other and Mindil even promises her husband. There is only one thing Lily has to do…

Chapter 38: Changes

With a sexual “cease fire” between the four lovers, Lily is finally able to focus on getting the dress done. Her mentor’s suggestion got her started on a path to finish the dress, but she realized it was only an inspiration for her own ideas.

Chapter 39: Pleasurable Rewards

Lily is finally finished with Nirih’s dress but she just wants to obsess over a few last details. Mindil, on the other hand, had other things in mind when she forced Lily away with fingers and kisses.

Chapter 40: Morning Kisses

Lily wakes up in Kendrick’s arms less than an hour before she presents the dress to Margiold, Sarlin, and Penir. Her morning starts sweetly until Kendrick asks her one important question.

Chapter 41: The Dress

It was finally time. The dress was done and all the women controlling Lily’s life were showing up for the presentation. After weeks of struggling, Lily gets to finally find out if she went too far.

Chapter 42: Breakdown

After all the struggles with Nirih’s dress, there was no question Lily would celebrate. What she didn’t expect was to wake up with a lover in her bed. One that wasn’t Kendrick.

Chapter 43: The Event

Lily is at the party where Nirih is to be presented to society. It is a chance to see how her dress is views and could mark the beginning or end of her career as a seamstress. But the presentation isn’t the only chaos destined for the night, other parts of her life are put in jeopardy because of one man’s jealousy.

Chapter 44: Birthday Wishes

Lily’s birthday has come and she had the perfect present already ready for her, Mindil and Hasan and Kendrick. All of them were willing to play and celebrated their accomplishments.