Chapter 44: Birthday Wishes

What is done in the privacy of closed doors, darkened houses, and in the backs of carriages is known but never spoken. — Sinisal Dakor-Gains, Affairs of Society

Lily entered inn room and closed the door behind her. It was the same room that she had woken up before—Kendrick’s room—but over the last year they had remodeled it make it far more comfortable to enjoy for more than a night.

The straw bed had been replaced with a giant bed with thick posters and a mattress made of the finest silk. The top quilt was a payment in trade for a dress as were the embroidered pillows. She smiled as she ran her finger along the mattress and then headed over to the dressers to set down her bags.

She considered working but then let the urge pass. It was her birthday, the one day of a year she didn’t have to work.

Instead, she worked the laces of her dress open and tugged the fabric off her shoulder. The warm air brushed across her skin. She pulled the laces further apart to tug it down off her breasts and reveal her satin corset and the matching panties underneath.

She pushed it down to her ankles and stepped out of it.

“Well, I thought it was your birthday,” Mindil purred from behind her.

Lily’s heart and pussy twinged with excitement. She straightened and looked over her shoulder.

Mindil stood in the opening of the door between the two rooms. She wore a silk nightgown that hung off her breasts and hips. Her breasts stuck up from the shimmering fabric, tipped by two already hard nipples.

Lily smiled broadly and turned to face her lover. When she stepped forward, she left her dress behind and was wearing only her corset and panties. “Hello, beautiful.”

Mindil held out her arms and stepped forward to give her a hug. “Happy birthday, my beautiful flower.”

Lily caught Mindil’s chin and kissed her. It was soft and sweet.

Mindil moaned and tightened her grip, splaying her hands down Lily’s flanks to her hips. Her fingertips slip underneath the strap of Lily’s underwear, tugging away from her body as she reached down to cup Lily’s ass.

Lily melted in the embrace, kissing passionately as Mindil’s expert fingers caress the delicate flesh between her legs. She lifted one leg, dragging it along Mindil’s thigh until she found a comfortable spot against the wide hip.

Mindil slipped her fingers around to cup Lily’s pussy, then slipped her finger past the silk covering her pussy and up against her clitoris. “Happy birthday,” she whispered.

“Does that mean I’m going to get a present?”

“This isn’t enough?”

“Not until Ken come home.”

“Well,” Mindil said with a kiss. "How about I give you a substitute? She looked over her shoulder. “Well, come on, Has.”

Lily’s smile grew wider as Hasan came into the room. He wore nothing but a yellow ribbon tied around his already erect cock. She giggled as he turned around, showing off his slender body to her.

To Mindil, she said, “That is the perfect present.”

“Good because I really want to enjoy our desert together,” purred Mindil as she sank to her knees in front of Lily.

Lily gasped as Mindil grabbed Lily’s leg and hooked it over her shoulder. Her red lips tilted up only moments before she pressed it against Lily’s sex. The liquid slickness of her tongue sent waves of pleasure coursing along Lily’s senses.

She let out a coo and clutched Mindil’s head. Digging her fingers into her lover’s hair, she leaned into the lapping tongue.

Hasan walked behind her, grinning widely.

When he dropped to his knees behind her, inches from her ass, a surge of heat and lust flooded through her body. She moaned and ground her hips into Mindil’s face.

Mindil made agreeable noises and lapped harder, the tip of her tongue teasing Lily’s clitoris as much as the wide edges swirling around her opening.

Hasan’s breath was hot against her ass as he drove his mouth between her cheeks. His tongue was just as sure as it teased against her puckered opening.

Lily whimpered loudly, reaching back for Hasan to keep balanced as the couple assaulted her body with slick pleasures. Her hips rocked back and forth, trying to get more as they laved her to one orgasm and then another.

Soon, her entire body was writhing between the two. Her fingers slipped off their heads as she slumped forward but caught us.

Mindil pulled back, her face glistening. “Think she’s ready, Has?”

“I hope so,” he said as he stood up. His cock, hot and slick, ran along her thigh. She leaned forward but his arms slipped underneath hers to cup her breast and pull her body tight to his.

“I would very much would like the fuck the birthday girl.” His breath was hot against her ear.

She moaned and reached back. “Yes.”

Together, they inched over to the bed. She rolled on her back, hiking up one leg and the the other to reveal her spit-slicked folds.

Hasan waited no time lining up his shaft to her pussy and sliding in. The orgasms and pleasure removed any resistance for his member and it slid to the balls with a single stroke.

She arched her back and cried out.

Her lover thrust tenderly, driving deep into her with wet strokes. The sound of their excitement, wet and splashing, echoed against the walls and blended with Mindil’s moans as Lily’s other lover leaned against a poster and stroked her pussy.

Lily’s world focused on the hard shaft pumping into her, the ridges teased against her inner walls. Another orgasm rushed through her, fast and sweet. She clutched Hasan’s ass to encourage him to thrust faster.

He took the silent command easily, driving into her faster until both the bed and her body shook with the impact of his hips against her upturned pussy with every stroke.

The door clicked open.

Lily glanced over. When she saw Kendrick coming it wearing his uniform, she smiled and then returned her attention to Hasan. Trembling, she clutched his buttocks tighter, enjoying the flex of muscles as she pried his cheeks apart.

“Got started early?” asked Kendrick.

Mindil pushed herself off the bed and came over to him. She started working on his shirt. “She’ll be ready when you are.”

Kendrick kissed her as he stripped. With one foot, he shoved the door shut. Even from the opposite room, Lily could smell water and ozone coming off his body.

“Hello, sailor,” Mindil purred as she knelt in front of his thick cock. With a grin, she slipped it into her mouth.

Hasan thrust faster, driving deeper.

Lily looked up at him. She knew what she was going to ask next and it brought an intense heat boiling deep inside her. “Has?”

He looked at her, his cock growing harder by the second.

She gave him her sweetest smile even as she was pulling his cheeks further apart. “For my birthday, could Ken have you first?”

Hasan’s cock exploded inside her, an intense heat flooding her depths. He groaned and drove hard into her, holding it still as his length pulsed deep inside her clenching sex. With a shudder, he pulled out and drove it back in, forcing his cum from her slit.

“Is that a yes?”

His cock flexed again. He nodded and tried to say something. It came out as a croak. Then he cleared his throat. “Yes.”

Mindil popped Kendrick’s cock head from her mouth. “There you go, all ready?”

Kendrick looked down and then at Lily. “Planned this?”

She moaned through the orgasm of anticipation driving through her. It tickled against her senses, searing the ends as she waited. “Y-Yes!”

Her husband, her beautiful husband, didn’t say anything as he walked over and positioned himself behind Hasan’s thrusting buttocks.

Lily whimpered and then gasped as another orgasm took her.

From her vantage point, she couldn’t see anything but Mindil’s delighted gasp and Hasan freezing told her exactly where Kendrick’s cock head was. With a slow moan, he reached out to grab Hasan’s shoulder and slowly pushed forward.

Hasan’s cock grew larger and hotter with every inch. He pushed forward but it only seated him fully into the saddle of her legs. His eyes flickered as he let out a gasping shudder.

Then, his cock once again flooding her insides, he pushed back against Kendrick.

Kendrick let out a moan as he sank further. Lily could feel the vibrations of his cock through the hardness of Hasan’s cock. It twitched and moved differently as Hasan was filled completely.

Mindil crawled on the bed and peered up. “You okay?”

Hasan shuddered and nodded, a nervous smile playing across his lips. “I’ll never get used to this.”

“He’ll be gentle,” Mindil assured.

Kendrick made an agreeing noises before he began to thrust into Hasan. Every slide shoved Hasan’s cock deeper into Lily’s cunt, driving with an intensity that matched his gaze.

Lily stared into his eyes and pulled him tightly. She could feel Kendrick’s hips and shaft teasing her fingers. She loved the slickness and the heat as it drove into her, and then the welcoming thrust of Hasan as he impaled himself on Kendrick’s cock before driving into Lily.

Kendrick didn’t last long. He thrust faster into Hasan, strokes that shook all three of their bodies. The bed rattled with the impact of his force. Then, he let out the familiar groan as he came.

Lily’s pussy clenched as she remembered how it felt to have her husband’s cum flooding her body. She pulled herself up to kiss Hasan who had frozen, his body shaking with his own pleasures and his cock pouring liquid heat into her body.

“Fuck,” whispered Mindil. She held her belly up with one hand while fingered herself with the other. Her movements were frantic and desperate.

Lily reached over and added her own fingers, thrusting into the liquid depths as Hasan and Kendrick finished coming.

Kendrick pulled out gently. “Not exactly where I thought I’d start.”

Hasan chuckled. He sighed and pulled out. His narrower cock dripped with their juices, clear and creamy. “Me either.”

Looking down, Kendrick held up his finger. “Let me clean up, then I’d like to fuck the birthday girl.”

Lily squirmed for a moment. Her thoughts were burning with lust. It took her a moment to concentrate enough to resume fingering Mindil.

When Kendrick came back, Lily pointed to the bed. “On bottom. I want to ride you.”

He chuckled and crawled on the bed, his weight drove it down and she slid toward him. He managed to gracefully get fully on the bed, head on his pillow.

Lily moaned with lust as she straddled his body and grabbed his cock. It was thick and slick in her hand, just as she loved it. With a shuddering breath, she slid it to her pussy and sank down on it. Unlike Hasan’s shaft, it was far thicker and stretched her out. She loved his shaft as she settled down on his cock before pumping her body.

After a few strokes, her body was humming once again with pleasure. Throwing back her hair, she looked over at Hasan who was slowly pumping his shaft with one hand and fingering Mindil with the other.

“Come on,” she said and wiggled her ass.

Mindil let out another giggle. “I like this idea. Mind if I use that husband of yours?”

Lily clamped her inner walls on his shaft. “This is mine.”

Mindil crawled up, her breasts and body swinging for a moment. “I only want his mouth right now.” She got up on her legs and unsteadily crossed the bed.

Hasan crawled up behind Lily. His cock, still slick with her juices, bumped against her tail bone. He stroked his hand around her sides to cup her breast.

Lily moaned and lifted her ass up. “There is one place Kendrick can’t go.”

Her sphincter clenched as she felt Hasan position himself. His head was slick and hot as it pressed against her puckered opening. She sank down against it, forcing the member into the tight opening even as she impaled herself on Kendrick’s shaft.

Mindil finished straddling Lily’s husband’s face. Sinking down, she ground her own pussy against his mouth before leaning forward to grab Lily’s face with both hands.

“Happy birthday to the loveliest dame I have ever known.”

Though the words failed her, Lily couldn’t disagree. She drove herself down on the two cocks impaling her body and kissed Mindil passionately. She had everything she wanted now: a husband who would do anything for her, lovers who played together, and a life that was stable. It was a far cry from a year ago. She wasn’t a kudame, she wasn’t really a tadame either. She was just a dame, a woman who found everything she needed.