Chapter 42: Breakdown

In the wars that never end, it is the silence as you stand over the last bloody body when you finally come up to the question you can never answer: what’s next. — Child of Blood and Steel (Act 1, Scene 4)

A dull throbbing woke Lily up. It took her a moment to realize that the throbbing came from her head, a fuzzy taste coated her tongue, and she desperately had to pee. She had all the hallmarks of a hangover, an excessive once since she didn’t remember anything besides celebrating Nirih’s dress with Mindil.

With a groan, she pushed herself up into a sitting position. It took her a moment to focus enough to identify her location. When she saw the familiar walls of her bedroom, she let out a breath of relief.

Automatically, she reached behind her to seek out Kendrick, unsure if he had joined her when she lost track of her night. When her fingers stroked against a warm body, she smiled and continued to explore.

To her surprise, she didn’t encounter Kendrick’s muscular body nor his scars. Instead, there was only smooth, soft skin underneath her fingertip. She stopped as she caressed along one soft roll, unsure if she could explore up or down but absolutely certain it was Mindil naked in her bed with her.

Her heart almost skipped a beat.

She smiled and closed her aching eyes to focus on her touch. She caressed along the curve and then pushed her hand up along the mound of Mindil’s breast.

Lily had to turn slightly before she caught Mindil’s nipple in her fingertips.

Mindil moaned. “This is my favorite way to wake up, you know.”

She stretched, one thick thigh pressing against Lily’s. “Well, sucking on it would be better.”

Lily smiled. She turned around and opened her eyes.

Mindil was on her back, one leg hanging off the edge of the bed. Her large breasts had flattened with her position but two hard nipples stood out like tiny peaks. Below, the valleys and mountains of her belly lead into the darkened mound framed by her short dark hairs and her thighs.

“What do you think?” Despite the sultry tone, there was doubt in Mindil’s voice. Lily knew where it came from. High Society had the perfect woman in mind, the ideal beauty. Mindil was far from it. She was fat, loud, and had no hint of the submission that had been driven into Lily all her life. She was barely a lady of High Society but she was everything Lily wanted.

Without hesitation, Lily turned and rolled over to her knee. She crawled a few steps slipped one knee between Mindil’s. She still wore a thong from the night before, the fabric ground against her lover’s leg as she spread her knees for balance. Looking into Mindil’s beautiful eyes, she stretched her self across her lover and brought the hard nipple between her fingers to her lips.

Mindil moaned quietly.

Lily grinned and sucked on the nipple, pulling it into her lips enough to caress the tip with the end of her tongue. She sucked harder, working her face into Mindil’s breast as she cupped the tit to hold it up.

“Oh, Lily…”

With her other hand, Lily trailed her fingertips over the bulge of her lover’s belly and then down to the padded mound. Mindil was already growing damp as Lily worked one finger and then another past the thick folds and to heated depths.

Mindil moaned. “Oh, yes… no, no.”

Lily drew back, popping the nipple from her lips. “What’s wrong?”

“I really, really have to pee.” She grimaced.

Lily’s own bladder made a twinge. “Me too.”

“Good. Come back in a few minutes? I’d really like to continue, if you are willing.”

Lily gave Mindil’s nipple a lick. “Yes, but I only have one bathroom.” She rolled off Mindil and tried to ignore the pressure. “You first.”

With a giggle, Mindil rolled off the bed and rushed to answer nature. As soon as she finished, Lily went in to relieve her own bladder, freshen up, and brush her teeth.

Just as Lily was about to leave the bathroom, she hesitated. She still wore her underclothes, a mismatched pair underwear consisting of a satin underbust corset and a thong. The colors were identical, like always, but the lace patterns were starkly different. Her small breasts stood up from the fabric.

She turned to stare at the mirror. With a trembling hand, she cupped her breasts and stroked her achingly hard nipples.

Her pussy clenched with heat and desire. The flutters rippled along her stomach. She was going to have sex, wonderful and enjoyable.

The corset would get in the way. She tugged on the laces along the side, working them out enough for her to pull the two halves of her underwear apart and peeling away from her skin. Her underwear quickly followed, the thin fabric tossed into a hamper and out of sigh.

Breathing deeply, she cleaned herself up again, wiping away the sweat and giving her breasts and then up between the legs. Her fingers stroked along her pussy, her lips were already slick with her desires.

Lily finished and stared at herself in the mirror. She wasn’t sure what she was doing, but she knew she wanted it.

Taking a deep breath, she opened the door and crossed the hallway. The door was unlatched but almost closed. Trembling, she pushed it open.

Mindil was back on the bed, sitting up as she stared at her toes. A nervous look on her face faded almost immediately as she looked up. She smiled broadly.

Seeing her lover on the bed, Lily stopped and admired her a moment.

“A-Am I okay?”

“You are beautiful.” Lily stepped into the room and crawled up on the bed.

“Oh, Couple, so are you,” breathed Mindil with a moan.

“Where was I?” Lily straddled Mindil’s thigh for a moment, lowering herself enough that her own slick pussy pressed against the soft skin. Then, she lifted her other knee to slip it down between her lover’s thighs.

She drank in Mindil’s scent, the flowery perfume mixing in with the smell of a woman’s pussy. It was sweet and musky at the same time. She lowered her head to catch Mindil’s nipple in her mouth again and sucked the hard tip into her mouth.

Settling down, she pressed her own breasts against the swell of Mindil’s stomach and slid her finger down to cup the soft, puffy mons. Her lover was slick and two fingers easily slipped inside. She swirled her fingertips around, exploring the hard fold of flesh that brought soft gasps of pleasure from Mindil’s lips.

Lily sucked on the nipple harder but her attention was focused on her fingers as she swirled around the wet folds. Her fingertips slipped down until she found the clenching opening. She slowly plunged one finger into Mindil’s tunnel and began to pump in and out.

Mindil clenched the sheets, tugging them as her back arched.

Encouraged, Lily added a second finger.

Underneath her mouth, Mindil’s body shook as her hips rose to meet each of Lily’s thrust. She gasped and tugged at the sheets harder.

Lily used her other hand to cup Mindil’s breast for a moment, teasing it up into her mouth. She loved how she could bury her entire face into the softness of her lover’s breast until she was blinded to everything but the nipple in her mouth and the slickness clenching at her finger.

She pulled back, took a deep breath, and buried her face again.

Mindil writhed underneath her.

Lily rode it for a while as she built up her courage to do something else. She knew what Mindil wanted, the same thing Lily wanted to give her, but Lily still had some trepidation. It was exciting and terrifying at the same time.

Finally, she was ready. Taking a deep breath, she released Mindil’s nipple and pulled her fingers out.

Mindil whimpered. “The other one? Please?”

“Sure,” Lily whispered. She lifted her hand from Mindil’s crotch to cup the other breast with her glistening fingers.

She smiled up at Mindil but then slid her body down. Her nipples traced along Mindil’s belly, the hard tips flipping against the rolls before she settled into the gap between Mindil’s thighs.

“Oh, Couple,” came the gasping response.

Lily took a deep breath. The smell of an excited woman flooded her senses, heady and sweet at the same time. She took another before lowering her mouth to the heated flesh.

The first taste of woman was sweet and tangy, a perfumed scent that clung to her tongue.

Mindil’s thighs clamped around her, muffling out the cry of pleasure.

Surprised, Lily was pinned in place. Her tongue lapped against the flooded clitoris but she couldn’t pull back even if she wanted to. After a moment, she bore down, forcing her mouth hard against Mindil’s pussy and lapped harder. At the same time, she used her hands to pry the clenching legs apart.

Despite Mindil’s thick thighs, the powerful muscles underneath resisted her for a moment. Then Mindil relented and parted them. She thrust her hips up against Lily’s mouth.

Lily lifted herself up on her knees, backside sticking out, and bore down to lick. She slid her fingers up along Mindil’s inner thighs to bring them to the wet opening. Once again, she thrust into Mindil with her fingers.

Juices flooded her mouth. Mindil’s cry filled the air.

Lily closed her eyes and continued to focus on her task of bringing Mindil to an orgasm with her fingers and tongue. After a few seconds, her jaw hurt but she didn’t care. The little cries of pleasure kept her going as she alternated between lapping and sucking.

Just as Mindil reached another orgasm, a clenching of her thighs and a flood of juices, Lily was about ready to stop. With a gasp, she lifted her head and look up Mindil’s beautiful body.

A tongue against her own pussy stopped her.

Lily’s eyes grew wide.

“It’s Hasan,” panted Mindil.

Hasan’s tongue swirling along Lily’s pussy as his hands gripped her buttocks tightly. Already on edge from her own pleasuring, it felt like liquid pleasure coursing through her body.

Lily lumped forward, pressing her chin against Mindil’s pubic mound as she clutched her lover’s thighs.

He lapped at her pussy, his thumbs holding her labia apart, as his tongue swirled and probed.

Lily gasped and writhed, her pleasure growing into an intense fire. Her legs trembled as he dug the tip into her pussy, swirling it around the drenched channel before sliding up.

When he tongued her sphincter, her eyes opened wide and flare of ecstasy flashed in her veins. He continued to swirl the slick tip against the clenched opening, teasing and probing it.

Lily’s eyes rolled up with pleasure, her entire world focusing on the intense pleasures. She panted and leaned into Mindil’s crotch, her breasts grinding against the thighs.

“Is he licking what I think he is?”

Hasan lapped harder, his fingers digging into. She felt the tight opening parting, making it easier for him to probe deeper.

The forbidden pleasures grew stronger as she found herself pushing back.

“Does it feel good?”


Mindil smiled broadly. “You want him to continued?”

“Oh, Couple, yes.”

“More?” The question hung in the air. Mindil was asking of Lily wanted Hasan to fuck her. More than fuck her, he wanted to drive his hard cock into her ass, to fill her in a way no man ever had.

Lily let out a deep breath. Her insides were burning with desire. Both Hasan and Mindil had showed her the pleasure of teasing her backside. She rocked her hips against the probing tongue.

She wanted it. There was nothing that either of them has indicated it would feel less than pleasurable.

Hasan stopped, pulling his mouth away. “Lily?”

Lily looked over her shoulder at him. His intense gaze brought a quiver of pleasure coursing through her. He wanted her, more than anything else in the world.

She wanted it too. She nodded. “Please?”

Hasan smiled and shoved his face back into her ass and pussy, lapping and swirling.

Lily turned back and gasped. She tried to lap at Mindil’s cunt with the same speed and fervor but it was almost impossible. She moaned and ground her face against her lover’s pussy.

Mindil reached down and ran her fingers through Lily’s hair.

Gaping, Lily tried to lap at her again but the probing tongue made it impossible to get the words out. She tried, her lips working, but it took an intense effort to form them.

Just as she managed to gather her senses, two of Hasan’s fingers drove into her pussy. There was little resistance as his digits swirled into her liquid depths. The caresses along her inner walls brought more pleasure.

Hasan withdrew his fingers after only a few seconds. Then worked his fingertips up and against her asshole. The pressure was slick and persistent.

The tight opening relented as he eased on finger in.

Lily’s mouth opened wider as she froze, her body trembling with the effort.

Hasan was gentle but firm, sliding his slick finger in and out of the tight opening until he could feel it relax around him.

"Mindil stroked her face. “There you go, just let him go. It feels good, doesn’t it? Feels good?”

“Y-Yes,” whimpered Lily, her eyes blurred as she pushed back against the probing finger. Hasan’s digits were long and steady, it felt like a tiny cock sliding in and out of her back passage. Every time she pushed back, she could feel the ridges of his knuckles caressing against untouched places inside her.

Hasan twisted his finger and continued to pump into her.

Just as she felt opened up, he added a second finger. The pressure was intense, growing with every stroke and second. Her opening resisted his fingers, the tightness making it hard to thrust, but she wanted to feel more.

He continued to slid in and out. His mouth lowered down to kiss her tail bone and along the curve of her buttocks. His hand hand came up to cup her pussy, easing two fingers into her cunt as he thrust into both holes with steady, irresistible pressure.

Remembering Mindil, Lily forced her mouth against her lover’s pubic mound and drove her tongue into the fleshy folds. The taste of woman flooded her tongue as she lapped harder. Her gasps puffed out her cheeks, tickling Mindil’s cunt before blowing up in the tiny space between the two sets of lips.

When Hasan pulled his fingers out, he left behind an empty feeling. Lily moaned, knowing he was about to replace it with something much harder. Her pussy drooled with desire, coating her inner thighs with her growing lust.

The bed shook as he positioned himself. His knees pushed Lily’s apart. His cock, narrow but long, rested against the crevice of her buttocks. The heat of it seeped into her skin as he rocked back and forth, sawing it along her tail bone.

“Ready, flower?” asked Mindil.

Lily looked up, her mouth pressed against the soaked opening. Her blurred vision made it hard to focus past the Mindil’s belly but she nodded anyways. “Yes,” she said in a muffled voice.

Mindil looked up and nodded. “Be gentle.”

“Always,” Hasan said in a husky voice.

His cock slid back.

Lily moaned as she felt the head slid down to her crack, dropping to lodge against the slicked opening. Hasan’s fingers stroked along her inner cheeks, pulling them apart. His cock pressed tighter against the opening, opening her up even more.

She held her breath.

Then Hasan’s cock slipped down to slide along the furrow of her labia and press against her opening.

Lily’s eyes widened with surprise, her mouth opening as she ground against Mindil’s pussy.

Hasan drove into her pussy, plunging his entire length into the searing hot depths of her body. Every ridge of his achingly hard cock teased against her senses as he filled her to the furthest depths.

His balls smacked against her clitoris before he drew back, plunging it back in.

Lily moaned as her face was ground into Mindil’s body. She felt comforted by Mindil’s thick thighs as much as the padding underneath her face. She smiled, remembering how she ground her face into her lover’s large breast.

Hasan thrust quickly but deeply, each thrust plunging deep until his hips smacked against her ass.

He only took a few more strokes before pulling out. When the cock pressed against her, the dripping head was once again aimed directly against her clenching sphincter.

Lily managed to pry her mouth from Mindil. “Please?” she gasped.

Hasan gripped her tightly as he eased into her. The hardness of his cock easily penetrated the tight opening, prying to open. It felt like a burning brand, huge and swollen. He moaned deeply, his body trembling, as he pulled back and slid it deeper.

The hardness inside her opening was something she had never felt before. Untouched nerves screamed out in ecstasy as his cock head slid along her inner depths, filling her completely as the tight ring of her ass traced every ridge and bump.

Mindil panted with desire, her fingers stroking Lily’s hair and face. Her pussy grew wetter, soaking Lily’s face with every thrust of her hips. “Does it feel good?”

“Oh… yes…” Lily whimpered. “So hard.”

Hasan thrust faster, plunging deeper into her relaxed opening as he took deep strokes that filled her completely. Soon, he was balls deep in her ass, sending her toward a cliff of ecstasy.

Lily gasped and whimpered. She tried one more time to lick but couldn’t. Instead, she lifted her head and let Hasan’s thrusts drive her into Mindil’s pubic mound. Her lips trail up until she was kissing her lover’s belly while Hasan fucked her lovingly.

Her mouth opened. She was almost an orgasm. There was no way of stopping it, she lost herself in a world of pleasure and ecstasy.

As her tight passage clenched around his cock, Hasan thrust faster. It grew slicker as he pounded faster, driving into her until she was right on the edge of pleasure and discomfort.

Shudders coursed through her body. She cried out loudly as she came again and again, her body shaking.

Her orgasms rose and fell. After countless ones, she felt Hasan finally reaching his end. His cock swelled inside her, his thrusts grew more erratic and powerful. Every drive of his cock that plunged into her ass ground her tighter against her other lover’s body.

Hasan came, a flood of molten cum painted her insides. He groaned and rammed it home, keeping it there as his cock surged again and again inside her.

He slumped against her back, pinning her. “Thank… you,” he gasped.

Lily sighed happily, the afterglow of her orgasms still pulsing in her veins. She was felt comforted and safe in their arms. They had supported her so much in the last few weeks, helping her finish the dress.

She realized she was crying. Tears ran down her cheeks as the stress seemed to crack inside her. Her struggles to manage her life, to finish Nirih’s dress, or even survive becoming a kudame came rushing back.

Mindil gasped. “Oh, flower? What’s wrong?”

Hasan pulled out of her and rolled to the side, concern in his eyes. “I didn’t…” his voice trailed off. The intenseness in his eyes was back again, but it had switched from seeking to pleasure her to something else, he was worried about her now. She could feel his desire to take care of her, to comfort her. He pulled her into his arms. “Come here.”

Somehow, seeing his intenseness fading away felt right. She sank against him, burying her face into his shoulder. A sob wracked her body.


“She’s okay, she just realized it was over. She just needs to let it out.”

Mindil scooted up to Lily and held her from the other side. Together, the three clasped each other as Lily cried.