Chapter 39: Pleasurable Rewards

A man will walk over flame and fury for the woman she loves. — Charise Decos-Mandina

Lily held her breath as she worked the delicate needle into the fabric. Nirih’s dress rippled underneath her wrist, the strips of glowing brilliance contrasting with the rapidly changing hues that rippled along the fabric wherever she touched it. She frowned as she finished a line of neat stitches hidden in the lace.

“You are beautiful when you do that,” said Mindil.

Lily locked her hand in place for a moment. The tip of the needle quivered with her heartbeat.

“Oh, sorry,” came the bashful response a second later.

“Just give me a second,” whispered Lily. She resumed connecting the final piece to the dress. With delicate tugs, she tested the entire length of the seam to ensure it wouldn’t split apart with a strong breeze. When it didn’t, she did it again with a stronger force.

She was happy with the result. Standing up, she stepped back and looked at her work.

The dress was nearly perfect in shape and patterns. The Warchoisn Fagoin fluttered with her movements, the nearly invisible material had a stippled flower pattern similar to the embroidery she had done along the edges. One petal on each flower of the Fagoin was slightly different than the embroidery; she could fix it but it would take days of effort to say the least.

Worrying her lip, she took another step back until her buttocks pressed against her work table.

“Is that it?” asked Mindil as she sat up from a chair in the corner. There was a faint clinking noise as she set her glass down.

“Yes, I think it is.”

“The colors? Horse-Fucker will have a fit for tomorrow’s presentation.”

Lily smirked. Mindil didn’t hold back her opinions of Djulian. She reached out and ran her hand along the fabric, enjoying the feel of silk along the tips of her fingers. Color spread out from her touch, rippling through the fabric as she concentrated on the exact shades of cream and yellow she wanted.

Mindil inhaled sharply.

Lily’s magic washed over the fabric, slowing down only along the glowing strips but not stopping. More colors ran over the lacing, attachments, and thread. The metal for the fasteners resisted her—hard materials always did—but she focused on each one until they changed.

When she finished, there was a smooth shade from cream at the top to Delicate Whispers of Gold at the bottom. The effect looked like a waterfall of gold and yellows.

“Oh, the Couple,” whispered Mindil. “I don’t think… I… it’s… beautiful.”

Lily smiled to herself and blushed faintly. “Thank you.”

A wave of weakness washed over Lily. She stepped back and clutched the side of the table.

“What’s wrong?” Mindil’s voice took on a more concerned tone.

“Nothing, I’m just tired from the last few days. Coloring metal always drains me.”

Mindil came up, the large woman reaching out with her hands to pluck Lily’s free one from the air and hold it close. “The dress is perfect. With that, you need a break and a bit of celebration.”

She tugged Lily away from the dress.

Lily hesitated, staring at the embroidery. The mismatched flowers with the Warchoisn scraped on her sense of completeness. It was wrong and stood out like a screaming fen-feather bird. Tugging, she took a step toward the dress.

“No, no,” Mindil said. “It’s perfect.”

“It’s wrong.”

“It’s perfect,” she repeated.

Lily started to resist but then Mindil grabbed her face and pulled down into a kiss.

The sudden press of soft lips against her own and the shock of being caught sent a pulse of heat racing across Lily’s body. She let out a tiny gasp, muffled by Mindil’s lips, and then relaxed. Her eyes fluttered close as she let her senses focus on the touch of soft hands on her face and the softer lips against her own.

Mindil kissed her passionately, tongue flashing out as drew her body closer.

Lily fought against her obsession.

Mindil’s hand slipped from Lily’s cheek and slid down, tracing along the curves of her neck to her shoulder and then down to cup her breast.

Lily’s nipple grew harder under the gentle touch.

With a smile, Mindil caught it between her fingers and rolled it around, evoking a soft moan from Lily as waves of pleasure racing along her skin. She broke the kiss long enough to whisper, “There we go.”


“Nope, still talking.” Mindil dropped both of her hands to caress Lily’s flanks. Her fingertips brought a strange sense of sexual heat and tickling as she trailed down to the waist of Lily’s light summer dress. Without another word, she tugged up on the fabric, bunching it underneath her palms as the hem slid up Lily’s legs.

“Mindil, I thought we were—”

“The dress is perfect.”


Mindil looked into her eyes, a burning look that caught Lily’s breath. “The dress is perfect.”

Lily’s dress drew up to her waist, exposing the bare skin of her thighs and her thong to the warm air in the back room of her store.

A flash of heat rippled through her frame. Her inner walls clenched as she felt herself growing wetter with anticipation. She took a deep breath as Mindil finished gathering up her dress.

“No, pretty lady, I want you to sit up on your table. I had to wait days and I want my dessert now.”


Mindil grinned. “You know what I want. Has told me you’ve never had a mouth kissing both sets of lips before him. I want a taste. Now.”

With a nervous giggle, Lily braced her hands on her table and boosted herself up, sitting on the edge. Her bare skin caught on the faint texture of the table’s surface. Her pussy tingled with her growing need. The smell of her excitement, the faint sweetness, drifted up as she felt her pussy lips grow wetter by the seconds.

With a look down, Mindil let out a soft growing noise. “That looks tasty enough to each.”

She pushed the fabric back and then drew her hands between Lily’s thighs. Soft fingers caught the edge of Lily’s thong. With a slow movement, Mindil pulled the underwear away from Lily’s nether lips.

The scent of her desire rose up around her, wafting in the air like perfume. It was both familiar and forbidden, a musky scent of need for the woman standing between her knees.

“Pretty as I thought it would be,” was the only thing Mindil said before she pressed her mouth against Lily’s slit.

Lily moaned, her body trembling with the pleasure that shot up her spine.

Mindil spread her legs further apart, working her head between Lily’s thighs as she took a long lick from the opening to the tip, swirling around the achingly hard clitoris and through the damp folds. It was hard to tell, but Lily could tell her lover was using the tip of her tongue to burrow past the hairs and opening before using the flat to splay her open.

It didn’t matter for long. Lily threw back her hair and gasped as Mindil drew her mouth up and down, lapping deep against her sex.

Tiny ripples of pleasure sheeted along her body, setting her skin on fire and causing Lily’s breath to come out in soft gasps.

Lily’s hand slipped back on the table. She caught herself in an uncomfortable position. As she lost herself in the pleasures radiating from between her legs, she struggled to get a better grip.

Mindil’s eyes were closed as she concentrated on licking.

Lily whimpered again, splaying her fingers out for balance as she found a position that let her see Mindil’s bobbing head without her buttocks falling off the edge; not that would happen with Mindil grabbing each cheek with a firm grip.

The pleasure grew rapidly as did the wet slurping sounds. She giggled but it ended in another moan as she arched her hips up into the soft, hot mouth that caressed along her labia and the tongue that delved deeper into her.

Mindil’s thumbs spread and relaxed against Lily’s cheeks, pulling apart her body as she slurped and sucked. Her mouth rose to clamp down on Lily’s clitoris, sucking between her teeth. The sharp edge was enough to set off a rippling wave of pleasure.

Lily gasped, her body tensing from the sudden orgasm. Her hands slipped and she slumped back against the table with an inarticulate sound. A roll of discarded fabric caught underneath her head and she bunched it up into a makeshift pillow that let her look between the curves of her breasts down to the woman pleasuring her.

Mindil looked up over the glistening pubic mound and then went back to sucking and teasing, alternating between sucking and lapping at the tiny fold of pleasure that drew Lily’s entire focus into it. Slowly, she drew her mouth away and little strands of clear fluids connected their bodies until they snapped. “You comfortable?”

The empty feeling of not having lips against her pussy fought with the mild discomfort. Lily lifted her head a bit more and smiled. “Yes.”

“Mind if I keep going?”

“Please?” whimpered Lily.

“Tell me if you don’t want to do anything,” Mindil said in a low voice. There was a strange, almost playful tone to it but it only sent prickles of anticipation racing along Lily’s senses.

Mindil lowered her head again and tightened her grip. She laved her tongue up and down Lily’s pussy, parting it to suck on the inner folds. Then, she lifted Lily’s cheeks higher as her mouth lowered.

Lily only a moment to realize that Mindil was going to lick her sphincter before she felt the hot, slick tongue caress against the wrinkled opening. There was intense burst of pleasure, magnified by the forbidden pleasures but also the shock.

“Oh, Couple!”

Mindil smiled as she burrowed against Lily’s opening, teasing and swirling her tongue around to lave against every sensitive fold and ridge. Every touch set off tiny orgasms, the waves of pleasure set off white sparks racing across her vision. She gasped and shook, the ecstasy ravaging her consciousness and left her whimpering for more.

One of Mindil’s thumbs slipped up into the crack of Lily’s ass and then pressed against the spit-slicked opened.

Lily gasped as she remembered how it felt when Hasan had done the same thing. She pushed down on it, arching her back slightly to enjoy the pressure.

“Good girl,” whispered Mindil as she eased her thumb into the tight opening. With the slickness, it easily slipped deeper.

Lily’s inner muscles clenched against it for a moment, the strange pleasures and discomfort warring with each other. The pleasure won and she let out a deep cry of pleasure as she sank further into the intruding digit.

Mindil let out a growl of her own and clamped her mouth back over Lily’s pussy. Her tongue worked furiously, swirling and lapping against the soaked opening and sensitive clitoris. Her other hand gripped Lily’s hips tightly, holding her down as she continued to work her thumb in and out of Lily’s back entrance.

The pleasure surged inside of Lily, blossoming and redoubling, searing along her veins in liquid hot ecstasy. It rose up in her chest, catching her breath. She gasped for air. She was at the edge of a cliff, lost and dizzy with exhilaration as bolts of pleasure wracked her senses.

It was too much.

“Oh, Couple!” screamed Lily as her body exploded with white-hot flames of pleasure. She shuddered violently, limbs flailing out as she grabbed Mindil’s hair and pulled her lover’s mouth tight against her pussy.

Mindil’s mouth found all the right places, drawing the pleasure into intense wave after wave assaulted Lily.

Lily writhed with pleasure, enjoying the intensity. Her eyes fluttered but she wasn’t seeing.

Until she spotted Kendrick standing in the door of her workshop. He leaned against the side with his hands in his pockets and a smile on his lips. There was a few swirls of mist rising off his shoulders.

Lily gasped. She wanted to call out to him but she was lost in her orgasm and her body wasn’t working correctly. Her mouth opened and shut but only soft moans slipped out. Her gaze locked with Kendrick’s as she came again and again.

Mindil moaned, her lips parting away for only a moment. “Tasty.”

“Looks like it,” said Kendrick in amusement.

Mindil gasped and stood up. “Kendrick!”

Lily looked up. Mindil’s face was glistening with Lily’s juices. She looked like a child with her hand caught in a candy jaw. Lily clenched her sphincter, no, Mindil had her thumb still inside. The surreal moment caught her and she giggled.

“Look, this isn’t—”

“I’m going to say the dress is done.” Kendrick stepped away from the door. He was still smiling as he strolled into the room.

“Yeah…” Mindil said bashfully. She slipped her hand from Lily’s asshole, leaving behind a feeling of emptiness behind.

Lily clenched her body at the touch.

“I couldn’t wait, sorry.”

He shrugged. He leaned over to peer down at Lily’s bare pussy. With a grin, he glanced up at her.

Lily, blushing hotly, nodded. Her eyes trailed down and noticed that he was obvious aroused. His cock bulged in his jeans, swelling it out in the familiar hardness that she craved as much as Mindil and Hasan. The heat flushed hotter as she forced her eyes back to his face.

Kendrick nodded toward Mindil with his head but his eyes never left Lily. “Do you mind? I’d like a taste.”

Lily inhaled sharply, the heat simmering from her afterglow surged hotly. “Y-Yes.”

Mindil opened her mouth. “W-What—?”

Kendrick pulled his hands out of his pocket and caught Mindil’s face between his large palms. He didn’t hesitate as his fingers pressed against the damp skin or soaked hair. With a smile, he drew her closer.

Mindil’s eyes opened wide, her lips parting with surprise.

Kendrick’s lips caught her own. He let out a low growl as he kissed her passionately, his mouth opening against her own. Lily could see her tongue spearing inside and then Mindil responding with equal passion.

Lily felt the flush surged intensely. Her pussy clenched with desire as her two lovers kissed each other. She trembled as another orgasm raced along her body.

They kissed for a moment, then Kendrick broke. “Do you mind if I jump in?”

“Want a taste?” Mindil purred.

“I was thinking of something a bit harder.” He nodded down toward his ridge.

Mindil followed his gaze and then reached out for his crotch. Her painted fingernails trembled as she traced the length with one finger, exploring the ridge through his tight trousers. She panted with lust as she explored the thicker base and then up to the top where the flared head was visible even through the fabric.

She jerked and looked up. “Oh, I’m sorry. May I?”

Lily giggled.

Kendrick chuckled and reached down to gently clasp Mindil’s hand. He pointedly pressed her palm against his hardness. “Go right ahead.”

Mindil’s smile could light up the room.

She ducked her head and used both hands to work the buttons straining over his ridge. It took her a moment to get the first one off but then his trousers peeled open easily as his thick cock fell out.

Mindil snatched her hands back. “Oh, my Couple,” she gasped.

With wide eyes, she looked up. “They grow them big on the coast don’t they?”

Kendrick shrugged with a grin.

She quickly regained her composure. “Well, you won’t be getting this sword in my bum. But still…” Reaching out, she wrapped her hand around his thickness and slid up and down. She exhaled slowly as she delved her hands into his trousers and fished out his hairy balls.

Kendrick and Lily watched in rapture.

Mindil slowly lowered herself to her knees, spreading her thighs apart as she brought her head even with his cock. Her lips were parted as she stared at it lustfully. It took her a moment to settle and then she brought it closer to her painted lips.

Taking a deep breath, she nuzzled up against it.

Kendrick exhaled. “Oh…” he said.

Lily thrust her fingers into her slick lips, driving two digits into her clenching tunnel as she watched her lovers.

Mindil parted her lips and kissed his cock. With a grin, she worked her mouth up and down his length, leaving little smears of her lipstick behind. She panted as she moved up and down, her large breasts thumping against his legs as she did.

It didn’t take long before the tip of his shaft oozed clear fluids that quick coated his large head. Kendrick reached out into the air, clenching his hands, but then reached over to grasp the table Lily sat on.

Fingering herself with one hand, Lily reached out and rested her hand on his. She enjoyed the warmth of his body and the rough texture of his skin. Lifting her gaze, she caught his gaze again and lost herself in his blue eyes.

Kendrick’s focus wavered.

Mindil had the end of his cock sliding in and out of her mouth. She wasn’t going far, just swirling around the head like a treat before she popped it out. With a grin, she look up at Lily. “I think he’s ready.”

“W-What?” asked Kendrick.

She grinned. “What? I’m not going any further until you and Has work out your differences.” She glanced down. “Though, I had to have a taste.”

Looking back up, she grinned. “But right now, I want to see this beautiful manhood bury into the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen. While you do that, I’m going to finger myself to an orgasm and then probably let myself out while you too birds finish fucking.”

Lily stared at Mindil in shock for a moment. “Are you sure?”

With a nod, Mindil grinned. “Trust me, you need it too.”

Mindil hefted Kendrick’s hard cock. A few droplets of clear precum dripped down her hand. “Good. And after the dress and presentation, I’m going to ask both of you to fuck this beautiful thing as hard and long as I can.”

Kendrick said, “I’d like that.”

“Good,” said Mindil with a grin. Then she took a tighter grip on his shaft and tugged him toward Lily.

Kendrick chuckled and stepped into the movement. His cock seemed to swell in Mindil’s hand as the other woman guided him up between Lily’s thighs. He looked down at Lily. “Hello.”

Lily spread her pussy open for him. “I missed you.”

The sensations of Mindil’s hands sliding against her thigh and the heated hardness of Kendrick’s shaft was almost too much. It flared along her senses and pooled between her legs. She stroked her clitoris slowly as she lifted herself up to see the thick head being fed into her, pushed past the lubricated entranced and into the slick tunnel.

“Oh, Couple,” said all three of them almost in unison.

Lily laughed which quickly became a moan as Kendrick slid deeper into her. His thickness was still intensely new inside her body and she craved the hardness as much as his warmth.

He didn’t take long to find a rhythm, pulling out and driving home in slow, steady beats that flamed the heat inside her. His hands caught her hips, gripping her tightly as he pinned her to the work table.

Lily gasped and writhed on the table, her legs clamping around his tight buttocks as she urged him deeper into her body.

On the side, Mindil leaned against the table, fingering herself as she watched the junction between their bodies. After a moment, she reached in with her free hand to stroke along Lily’s and Kendrick’s thighs before bringing her fingers to either side of Kendrick’s slick shaft pistoning into Lily.

The added inclusion of a third person’s hands against her body pushed Lily into an orgasm. She slumped back with a gasp as the pleasure wracked her body, surging through her with an intense ecstasy that only magnified by the thick shaft filling her and the expert fingers teasing her clitoris and nether lips.

Lily reached out for Mindil. Her questing fingers quickly reached down, past the swell of her belly and along the folds until she found the soaked opening.

Mindil made a soft cooing noise and spread her legs further, welcoming her.

Kendrick’s cock never stopped thrusting. it drove deep into Lily’ body. It filled her completely and every ridge along his swollen shaft teased against her sensitive nerves as his strokes grew faster and harder with every passing second.

Lily came again, a sudden orgasm slamming into her. Her inner walls tightened around Kendrick’s shaft and he hesitated with the additional friction.

His grip tightened on her waist and then he was driving into her fast and hard. Each thrust shook Lily to the core as his cock plunged deep into her body and out again. Wet sounds filled the air, muted only by the scraps of fabric on the table that soaked up their pleasures.

Just as Lily was coming off another orgasm did she notice Mindil had pulled away. Her lover tugged her dress down and blew her a kiss.

Lily reached for her, wanting her as much as the man fucking her.

Mindil shook her head. She mouthed, "later", and the slipped out of the workshop.

Feeling lost, Lily focused back on her lover. Her pussy felt flooded, he must have come inside her. The heat and liquid pouring out her and trailing down to the crack of her ass pushed her into another wave of pleasure, her eyes blurring from the intensity that it wracked her body.

Panting, Kendrick slowed down again. He smiled and brought his hands up to her head, pulling her off the table enough to kiss her.

Lily’s body continued to jerk on his cock, the thick pole easily driving into her with slow and steady strokes that were fanning new flames inside her.

She moaned and kissed back, praying to the Divine Couple that he would never stop fucking.