Chapter 35: Confrontation

While women rarely fight with knives, the words they wield and the snubbing they employ are far more devastating than any blade. — Xarmiv da Lam ne Robin

Lily’s eyes ached from her crying as she struggled to finish up Nirih’s dress. There was only a few parts left until she was done. It should have been a moment of relief but she felt broken instead. Listlessly, she finished sewing a shimmering panel along the waist, her needle working in quick flashes as she secured it with a double row of stitches.

Except for the collar, the remaining pieces were relatively simple and didn’t tax her at all. She focused on them, finishing element after element with neat work that brought no joy to her as she connected it to the dress.

To keep from distractions, she had moved all the other dresses out of the back room and closed the door. That way, no one would get the impression anyone was in the store as she focused. She wasn’t in the mood for anyone: Kendrick, Djulian, or even her mother.

After a pause to sip from her wine glass, she grabbed the third to last piece and fitted it along the design. It was an expensive, shimmering fabric from the eastern countries; the delicate fabric had a faint cream glow that lit up along her fingers as she shape it to fit. The material costs a thousand jems a square yard but she only needed a few narrow strips for accenting the embroidery.

The bell on the door rang out, a few jingles before silencing.

Lily closed her eyes for a moment. She wasn’t up to talking to anyone, much less fighting with Djulian who no doubt was anxious to see her daughter’s dress completed.


At Mindil’s voice, a sob rose up in Lily’s throat. The fabric in her hand fluttered as she looked fearfully at the door leading to the storefront. As much as she hated it, she’d rather deal with Djulian’s abuse than face a furious Mindil. Fear rushed through her veins and she spun around, looking for some way of escaping the inevitable fight.

Spotting the door to her stash, she dropped the glowing fabric and rushed toward it. Her fingers slipped on the handle. Crying, she grabbed it with both hands and yanked it open, stumbling inside, before closing it as quickly as she could. The wood thumped against the frame and she winched at the noise.

The smells of the stash flooded around her, a comforting scent that used to bring a smile to her lips. Her sobs were muted by the folded fabric around her. Pressing one hand against her mouth to quiet herself, she backed away from the door in hopes that Mindil wouldn’t think to look inside.

Her heart pounded in her ears as she continued to back away, past the shimmering wards protecting the fabric and the thousand smells that blended into an indescribable perfume. Her eyes remained locked on the door, a tiny sliver of light along the bottom and a crack near the top the only brightness in the narrow chamber.

Seconds seemed to stretch into minutes. With no clocks in the darkened room, the only measure of time was the soft sobs ravaging her through and the rapid beats of her heart. Her vision blurred with her tears as she silently willed Mindil to leave her store.

The door cracked open.

Lily clutched her hand tight across her mouth and a wail rose up.

“Are you in here, Lily?” Mindil asked as she stepped inside holding the strip of glowing fabric. The cream fabric lit up her red dress, giving her a rose-colored halo as she stood in the entrance.

Lily slowly sank to her knees. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” she said in a muted cry.

“Oh, Lily, you didn’t do anything wrong.”

It took Lily a moment to realize that Mindil wasn’t yelling. She sounded strangely calm. Terrifying calm, actually.

Mindil had to turn slightly to squeeze down the narrow corridor between the fabrics. Where Lily could walk down down the narrow space barely touching the sides, Mindil’s stomach and breasts tugged at the fabric as she worked her way down.

Lily’s heart pounded faster, slamming against her ribs. She clutched herself and tried to look away but there wasn’t anything to look at except at the mostly empty shelves next to her. It gave her a little more breathing room, but not much else.

Unable to find some excuse for looking at wooden shelves, she looked back.

Mindil was only a few feet away, looking down at her. “You can talk to me, right?”

Sobbing, Lily shook her head. “I’m sorry, I’m so—”

“Lily,” Mindil said. “It’s okay.”


“It’s okay.”

Lily pulled her knees up and wrapped her arms around. “I—”

Mindil held out her hands and made a down gesture. “Lily, I’m not mad.”

Opening her mouth to respond, Lily realized she didn’t have any words. She closed it slowly. Her nose was running from her crying and she sniffed.

Mindil smiled and held up the glowing fabric. It lit up her smile and shimmering eyes. She folded it over and then set it on top of one of the many piles of cloth. “This stuff is expensive, you probably shouldn’t leave it on the floor.”

Lily watched cautiously, her breath still coming in choked sobs.

“Oh, poor girl.” Mindil reached out and caught Lily’s chin. The electric surge was there, dancing along Lily’s skin. Mindil ran her thumb underneath Lily’s eye, wiping away the tears. “You are so scared. You don’t have to be, I promise.”


“You ran away before I had a chance to talk to you,” whispered Mindil.


Mindil moved her thumb to silence Lily. With a smile, she leaned forward. “Lily, I really want to kiss you right now. I’ve always wanted to do it, but right now, I so desperately want to kiss you.”

“I…” Fear fought with a sudden desire. Then Lily nodded. “Yes.”

Mindil’s smile grew brighter as she leaned forward. Their lips touched, a warmth spreading across Lily in a flash. It was soft and delicate and loving instead of the hatred she expected.

Lily gasped and trembled, unsure of how to respond. Her lips parted slightly as she let herself be pinned against a shelf support with nothing more than a kiss holding her down. She felt heated and helpless at the same time, an intoxicating sensation that stole her breath away.

She let her feet slide along the floor until she was stretched out. The feeling of vulnerable increased, adding a flickering heat to the passion already growing. A soft moan rose up as she reached for the woman leaning over her. Her hands caught Mindil’s hips and she clutched to the softness like an anchor.

Mindil released Lily’s chin and planted her hand on a shelf before leaning further into Lily. The intensity of their kiss increased with the pressure. Waves of heat and tingling washed over Lily, tracing the lines of her limbs and adding to the ache that radiated from her nipples, neck, and between her legs. She was hot and slick already, the raw emotions somehow magnified by their closeness.

Mindil eased herself down with a muted grunt. One knee slid on the side of Lily’s leg but then the other straddled it.

The fabric of Lily’s dress stretched tight over her leg, pinned by Mindil’s weight. Held down even further, Lily broke the kiss with a gasp. She panted as she looked into the shadowed face of her friend.

“Hi there,” said Mindil, pushing her hair over her ear.


Mindil’s smile seemed to light up the cramped quarters. “I would like to kiss you again. Do you mind?”

Lily nodded, not trusting her voice.

Reaching out with her other hand, she slid it behind Lily’s neck and held it firmly as she came closer. Her fingers were soft but insistent as she spread her legs and settled her thick thighs over Lily’s. Moments later, Lily felt her friend’s belly press against her stomach and then her breasts against her own. Mindil’s soft breath washed over her, it tasted of wine and sweets.

This time, there was a new insistence as their lips caressed against each other. The touch wasn’t a gentle tingling as before, but more of an overwhelming pressure, a hungry need. Her grip on the back of Lily’s neck tightened as she tilted her head and opened her mouth.

Trembling, Lily lost herself. She arched her back to lift her breasts up against Mindil’s larger ones, enjoying the soft pressure and hard nipples against her skin. Her lips parted for Mindil’s tongue even though she had never kissed anyone like that before. It was exhilarating to have Mindil slipping past her lips, the tongue exploring and swirling inside.

Lily moaned into the embrace. She slid her hands up Mindil’s side. Her fingers traced along the rolls of fat up until she could bring her palms to cup Mindil’s large breasts. Her lover’s nipples were hard against her thumbs, rubbing them caused Mindil’s breath to quake and a shiver to shake her frame.

Lily tried to lift a leg, just to test her bondage, but found that she couldn’t. It was erotic to have her body pinned: breasts holding her against the shelf, a knee between her legs pinning her to the ground, and even the hand on the back of her neck that would let her break the kiss but not slip away. Each one added to the flames boiling inside her.

Mindil broke the kiss with a soft giggle. “I can’t tell you how much I was thinking about this?”

“Kissing me in my closet?” Lily grinned.

Mindil bit her lower lip. “Not just kissing thought. I always thought this would make a really soft place to do something.” She pulled her hand back to trail her knuckles along Lily’s ear. “I bet this place would also mute certain noises.”

Mindil inched her knee further up, prying Lily’s legs further apart. “I always wondered if you were a screamer.”

A surge of heat filled Lily. The shifting fabric dragged along her sex, reminding her of how slick she was from the kissing.

“So, are you one?” Mindil asked quietly as she kissed Lily on the lip, and then on the chin, and then trailed her lips along Lily’s neck. The sensitive spot brought more heat and electrical surges.

Lily inhaled sharply, her body trembling. A low moan rose in her throat, scraping against the soreness from hours of crying but no less pleasurable.

“Oh, not quite the answer but I’ll find out soon enough.” Her hand reached up to cup Lily’s breast, catching the hard nipple between her fingers. She dug her fingers into the soft flesh.

Lily inhaled sharply. She lifted her body into Mindil, desperate for more but also losing herself on the pleasure coming from the soft lips against the sensitive part of her neck. “Oh, Couple,” she breathed.

“Closer,” Mindil said with a grin. She clawed at the front of Lily’s dress, dragging her nails through the thin fabric. The buttons behind Lily strained from Mindil’s effort to get to her.

Lily reached up herself to cup Mindil’s breasts again. Unlike her own outfit, it only took the slightest tug to pull the soft material away from the softer flesh underneath. She had never touched another woman in the same way, but she knew how much she loved having her nipples clawed at. Mimicking Mindil’s pawing at her chest, she dragged her fingernails along Mindil’s skin and caught the puffy nipples.

“Oh,” gasped Mindil against Lily’s neck. Her mouth clamped wetly against the skin as she ground her body up against Lily’s while clawing at the fabric caught between their bodies.

Lily kissed Mindil’s neck.

“Lily?” moaned Mindil. “Suck my nipples?”

The world spun around Lily as she considered doing something new. The same sensation came with a rush of excitement and desire. Slowly, she ran her lips down the front of Mindil’s breasts, lifting up the heavy mounds at the same time to bring the puffy nipples to her lips.

“Oh, Couple,” moaned her lover with a low gasp.

Lily rolled the sensitive flesh along her tongue and lips. Every time she sucked, Mindil would moan. Encouraged, she ran her hands along Mindil’s wide hips and down to her thighs. They were wider than her hands, but no less beautiful as she sucked harder and faster.

Mindil cried out.

Not entirely sure what she was doing, Lily drew her mouth to Mindil’s other breast as her hands continued down until she felt the hem of her lover’s dress. With a grin, she drew the fabric up and enjoyed the feel of soft skin. The smell of a woman’s excitement, sweeter than her own but just as intoxicating, rose around her as she tugged the fabric higher.

The sound of ripping fabric filled the stash closet as Mindil’s fingers caught a seam. She shoved her hand into the tear to grab Lily’s sensitive breasts, squeezing and mauling with desperate passion.

Swooning from the pleasure, Lily brought her hands up between Mindil’s thighs. Her questing fingers found a roll of Mindil’s belly. To her surprise, she didn’t find herself repulsed by it but only encouraged by the heat underneath, Trailing her finger along the curve, she found the soaked curls of hair caught underneath and followed them to the furrow of her lover’s pleasure. It was slick and hot.

Her touch brought an intense moan of pleasure from Mindil.

Remembering how she pleasured herself, Lily worked her fingers past the thick folds of her lover’s labia to the wet, soaked insides. It only took a heartbeat to find Mindil’s clitoris and rub her finger around it, teasing it with her fingernail.

Her lover gasped and broke her mouth away from Lily’s neck to draw in a shuddering breath. “Suck harder,” she mewed.

Lily obeyed, sucking with all her might as she lapped at the nipple caught in her mouth. At the same time, she added a second finger to finger her lover, moving her entire arm into thrusting deeply. She curled her digit to plunge into the wet hole she found, enjoying how Mindil’s entire body tense with every thrust.

Mindil’s moans grew louder, beating against the stacks of fabric.

“I don’t know what I’m doing,” whispered Lily.

“Could have fooled me,” gasped Mindil. “Please don’t stop.”

Mindil’s fingers tore Lily’s dress further open, ripping it wide so she could jam her other hand into the ruined fabric. Shoving down, she trailed her finger along Lily’s belly and further below.

The pressure of their bodies grinding together made it impossible to get their fingers and limbs in all the right places. Lily continued to suck and stroke, twisting as much as she could to guide Mindil to where she wanted to be touched, along her aching pussy, but couldn’t get.

Mindil drew back with a sigh. “This is…” she gasped, “better on a bed.”

Lily released the nipple in her lips. “Then let me finish.”

She increased the tempo of her fingers, sliding back and forth before plunging two fingers into the slick opening.

Mindil cried out.

No other words were said as Lily continued to stroke until her fingers hurt but the cries never stopped. Mindil thrust her hips against Lily’s fingers with short, powerful movements, guiding and thrusting back.

The moisture soaking Lily’s hand grew hotter and wetter.

Mindil suddenly ground her body tight against Lily as her cries rose into a high-pitched scream. Juices poured out of her, flooding Lily’s palm and dripping down her wrist. Her orgasm carried into long seconds of pleasure, surrounding both of them with the sweet smell of a woman’s pleasure to blend with the many perfumes already there.

Panting, Mindil slumped against Lily and then rolled to the side. She supported herself against the stack of fabric. “Fuck,” she said with a giggle, “I love you.”

Lily panted happily herself. Her body still hummed with the need for her own orgasm but seeing Mindil happy left her with an intense glow. She hadn’t ruined everything.

With tears in her eyes, she leaned over and kissed Mindil. “Thank you.”

Mindil’s thighs clamped around Lily’s fingers as she kissed Lily back. “This is the way it was supposed to be.”

“What went wrong?”

“Hasan,” breathed Mindil. “He should have told you were on the list.”

Lily drew back, confused. “List?”

Mindil rolled her eyes. “A silly thing we started years ago. Who are the ten people we would have sex with despite being married, no matter what. I had ones like Vinor Masaratin and Dougal Makran. He has Genifar and Kariul.”

“Vinor the cello player?” Lily smiled.

“Have you seen those fingers of his? I also have a thing for black-haired beauties with just the right amount of chest hair.”

Lily grinned and flicked her trapped digits in the tight channel wrapped around them.

Mindil’s eyes rolled up. “Your fingers are better though. I can feel those.”

“I was on Hasan’s list?”

“You were on both of ours.” Mindil said. “You always were.”

Lily blushed and kissed Mindil. “Thank you.”

“However, Hasan should have told you that it was okay. That’s the point, you should have never thought you were cheating on him. I mean, I was hoping to be the first to have you here, but I wasn’t upset that he had his chance.”

“I… I worried that I ruined everything for days.”

“He should have said something. He knew that. He’s good at knowing exactly what you want but not so much when his own obsessions are driving him. It’s that damn talent of his, he get distracted easily.”

Lily smiled. “I’m glad you don’t hate me.”

“Hate you? I will never hate you. Has should have made sure you knew that.”

Mindil suddenly grinned before she continued. “He needs to be reminded to speak up.” Mindil said with a grin. “Want to spend the night with us? I’m sure he can apologize properly with his tongue.”

The idea of having Hasan and Mindil in her bed brought a surge of lust. She already knew what Hasan’s tongue felt like on her sex; her hips rose with the memory.

Mindil kissed her. “I bet I can make him kiss your pretty ass. He’s really good with his tongue. Trust me, there are places there that will make you cum just right.”

Lily squirmed.

“I want to see his cock inside you so badly.”

The growing pleasure sputtered. “I… I have to see Kendrick tonight.”

“The guy you were telling me about? The water mage?”

Lily finally drew her fingers from Mindil’s pussy. She rubbed them together, enjoying the slickness. Unsure how to answer, she nodded.

“Think he like guys?”

Lily did a double take. “W-What?”

Mindil squirmed for a minute before leaning back. Her hair looked black with the light behind her. “Hasan really is into backsides: touching, fucking and licking.”

Lily flushed at the idea of Hasan licking between her legs. His finger sliding along her sphincter felt good.

“He even takes it himself. Over the years, I’ve been using this fake cock but been threating to have a real guy do it for years.”

Lily’s head swam. Mindil and the others kept finding new ways to expand her horizons. She wondered how it would look, one man fucking another. Her curiosity and lust rose up and she had to squirm herself with the fresh wave of moisture that soaked her clothes. She had no clue how to even ask.

“I don’t mind being on top now and then,” Kendrick said from the entrance of the stash.

Both Lily and Mindil let out a scream as they stared at the man standing silhouetted in the door. The light from the glowing fabric next to him lit up his grin.

He leaned to the side. “Though, I don’t think I could ever bottom for that man.”