While much of the site is publicly available and readable, there are a number of sections that are password protected. These sections are for those helping D. Moonfire get novels and stories edited and properly published. Becoming a patron involves either subscribing via Patreon or through Broken Typewriter Press.

There are two levels of “subscribers” or patrons, which is tied into the amount given per month. The two levels give a number of benefits including the ability to read all previous novels and novellas written in this universe.


Patron-1 are those who donate $1/month to the site. Pages that are limited to those patrons will have a lock () icon near them. When they click on those links, their browser will ask for a user name and password, which changes periodically and is posted over on the Patreon site

Pages that have Patron-1 benefits:


Patron-4 donate $4/month. Not only do they have access to the Patron-1 benefits, they also get to vote on upcoming projects. Pages that require Patron-4 will be identified by a star () icon.

Intended Usage

Money that comes from patrons will primarily go into one thing: getting more books out. This includes getting existing novels professionally edited and covers commissioned. In most cases, but not all, this will focus on the novels that are already patron benefits but that also means more novels will show up to replace them and those will be patron-only until they move on.