Pack Daughter

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Happening a few months after Flight of the Scions, Kanéko convinces her father to vouch for Maris taking Kanéko's legacy place at Jinto Panzir at the mage school. He agrees, but only if Kanéko goes to Jinto and finds a proper crew for the Burning Cloud Queen which she had crashed twice trying to fly it. Ruben goes along to help both of them, Maris with school and Kanéko with staff.

Kanéko ends up working with Laston, the harbor master for the air port at Panzir. What she doesn't know is that Laston is Sinmak's lover and he helps her hire a crew that will eventually betray her.

Maris has her own troubles when the headmaster of the school teaches her a small amount of many magics with the intent of dissecting her to create more detection crystals used to test other children throughout the world for magical abilities; since Maris is a dalpre, he considers her less than human.

Pack Daughter cover

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