Changes made to Fedran for May 1st through 8th

It's been a few years since I've written an update to Fedran, so time enough for one.

I can't say I've been writing anything new, but I have started submitting Allegro to my writing group. For the most part, they have been enjoying it. And I've gotten a lot of good feedback on the first eight chapters which I've integrated into the piece. To my surprise, I also got feedback from someone reading my feed and I've also changed those areas.

I also took the effort to start documenting the first eight chapters, so those links on the bottom will start to become useful. Right now, they are populated with the names but the links aren't valid because I haven't written the pages.

As a side note, please don't hesitate to contact me if you want to point out a typo, let me know your opinions, or just want to tag me to let me know you are reading it. Any feedback, no matter how small, warms my heart.

Not much as been moving forward with Nor Curse Be Found. I hit a bit of a writer's block on it and need to tweak the entire unicorn scene and the introduction of the fairy realm. It's hard because the fairies in Fedran use magical technology, and I'm struggling on the best way to introduce them.

Beyond that, you might notice that the URLs for chapters have gone from two-digit (“01”) to three-digit (“001”). I'm getting really close to having over a hundred chapters in a novel, so I decided this was a good time. However, I also made sure that no padding, two digit, and three digit all work. Eventually I'll also set it links to the identifiers so “/0100/” will point to Rutejìmo and “/0100-00/” will point to Sand and Blood.

I also fixed a lot of broken links on project pages.