Flight of the Scions is out

It's been a while since I've post and even longer since I've published a book. Today, my fourth novel, Flight of the Scions, is available in various stories across the Internet. It is in both print and digital version and I'm so excited about this one.

Can she survive without magic?

Kanéko's childhood fantasies died the day the letter came to confirm she had no ability to use magic. She would never hear the whispers of her mother's clan spirit. Nor would she be able to follow in her father's footsteps as a mage-knight of Kormar.

Soon she found a new purpose: to prove to her father she wasn't a delicate flower that required protection. Without magic, she latched onto the new world of mechanical devices and engineering. But, her self-taught experiments went awry and her father sent her away in a fit of fury. Two others would join her on a trip across the country, a dog girl with a short temper and a boy with an unnatural presence.

When she didn't think it could get any worse, a wanted poster sets off a frantic race home for safety. As ancient and modern forces fought to claim her, she and her friends would test the abilities their parents gave them: knowledge, loyalty, and drive.

Flight of the Scions is one of the core stories of my phase one stories, the events that lead up to the Mechanical War. This is a story (and the three novels that will follow) has been dancing in my head for decades. It is also the first published novel that has a different color; I'm still hoping that once I get a few more out, it will start to look awesome.

Check out Flight of the Scions for the first three chapters and links to where it can be bought. As usual, reviews and call-outs across any social network would be appreciated. Reviews and telling others is the best way to help me, getting the word out is critical both in the first weeks but also just to encourage me as I write more stories.