Changes made to Fedran for August 10-23

This ended up being a two-week version of the #HomeSiteHouseKeeping challenge. Due to the Iowa derecho, I had a severely damaged house, a lack of power for most of the week, and a high level stress that made it difficult to finish anything. I also picked what I thought was going to be a simple page that ended up being far more complicated than I expected.

So, here are the changes over two weeks:

  1. Added a large amount of details to Gemènyo including some details for Raging Alone and Sand and Ash. Also added some additional details for his relationships with others and started to flesh out how his circle of friends came into being.
  2. Added a birth date for Kiríshi, Faríhyo, and Nigímo.
  3. Decided on Gemènyo's family:
    1. Nyachobíma, mother
    2. Datichìo, father
    3. Myodáto, eldest sister
    4. Pichyóra, older sister
  4. Modified Raging Alone:
    1. Cleaned up missing and extraneous references to Gemènyo in the metadata.
    2. Rewrote some scenes to show that Gemènyo had gone through his rites of passage.
  5. Fixed some of the CSS around the source links so the front page looks good zoomed in on Chrome.