Changes made to Fedran for August 2-9
a year ago

As part of the #HomeSiteHouseKeeping challenge, I need to do seven (arbitrary number, it’s prime) things to clean up the website. The entire idea is to handle little things that get thrown by the wayside or just lost in the details of creating bigger things. Now, the hard part is not going into too many details or justification of why so this is just going to be a short change log without too many details.

  1. Added a new section to do the challenge along with the ability to post news to tell everyone.
  2. Added the missing patron.
  3. Updated Tejíko to normalize the relationships.
  4. Fixed so events show up on all the related characters and organizations. (Then fixed when I broke old references.)
  5. Fixed a relationship mistake with Chyojímo. She is not the daughter of Tejíko.
  6. Tagged Sand and Ash 1 references that were in the epigraph for clarity.
  7. Added a short page on feedback.

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