Miwāfu Dictionary - wa

wābi /waː.bi/ n. 1. The relative social rank between two people, such as a underling and their boss, a child to a clan elder, or a younger to an older person.
wabipèji /wa.bi.ꜜpe.dʑi/ v. 1. To temporarily raise the subject's social rank for purposes of speaking.
wabōryo /wa.boː.ɾjo/ n. 1. A fighting bola. 2. A thrown item that entangles.
wabòryo /wa.ꜜbo.ɾjo/ v. 1. To get lost in unimportant details in a conversation. 2. (OOW) To bikeshed.
wāfu /waː.ɸɯ̥/ n. 1. Word or words, either spoken or written.
wamuchìso /wa.mɯ.ꜜtɕi̥.so/ v. 1. To magically bond with an animal or creature.
wānu /waː.nɯ/ n. 1. Name, named.
watefàma /wa.te.ꜜɸa.ma/ v. 1. To magically bond with a place or natural feature.