Miwāfu Dictionary - ro


ròcho: noun 1 A furious rage or anger. 2 A screaming fighting. verb 1 To have a screaming fight. 2 To fight for the sake of fighting.

rócho: noun 1 A long-term anger. verb 1 To have a passive-aggressive fight. 2 To fight without revealing the purpose of the fight.

romóga: verb 1 To measure out a distance that is approximately a romōga away. 2 To measure something out in terms of romōga.

romōga: noun 1 A measurement of distance. 2 A surveyor’s rod of 16.5 feet.

rōte: noun 1 A solar day from sunrise to sunrise.

rotefùchi: noun 1 The period where the sun is below the horizon. 2 When sun-based powers don’t work.