Miwāfu Dictionary - ho

hofúma /ço.ꜛɸɯ.ma/ n. 1. A hawk or raptor. 2. A large hunting bird.
hogano /ço.ɡa.no/ adj. 1. Magical powers that manifest through the combined presence of related creatures as opposed to individual members. Common talents include telepathy, mental control, and projected senses through the members of the species.
hogáno /ço.ꜛɡa.no/ n. 1. A group of anything running around making a great deal of noise and distration.
horanakìfu /ço.ɾa.na.ꜜki̥.ɸɯ̥/ v. 1. To see solace away from others. 2. To sequester oneself for contemplation.