Miwāfu Dictionary - gi


gidajìmo: noun 1 A marriage between an adult man and woman where the male is the primary or only caretaker for any children (including step-children). verb 1 A marriage ceremony performed with a significant amount of ceremony, guests, or planning.

gidajímo: noun 1 As gidajìmo (noun 1), but where the female is the primary or sole caregiver of any children. verb 1 A quiet or private marriage ceremony.

gidajīmo: noun 1 As gidajìmo (noun 1), but where either both members are equal in raising children or the marriage has not produced any children.

gimetsùi: verb 1 To give birth to a living child.

gimetsūi: verb 1 To lay eggs or other non-live birth.

gitopòga: verb 1 To have unenthusiastic sex solely for purposes of reproduction.