Miwāfu Dictionary - bi

bichìru /bi.ꜜtɕi.ɾɯ/ n. 1. A traditional drink of the northern desert primarily made from fermented cactus sap. It typically has a milky appearance.
bidāno /bi.daː.no/ v. 1. To be nit-picky or find fault in tiny details.
bidàno /bi.ꜜda.no/ n. 1. A pinch of something, used for cooking.
bidosomi /bi.do.so.mi/ adj. 1. Personalized or customized for an individual. 2. A spirit that has a personal or unique manifestion for individual members of the clan. This manifestion can be a physical or an ethereal one. adv. 1. An action that is tailored or adapted for the subject.
bikìku /bi.ꜜki̥.kɯ̥/ n. 1. Flea, louse.
bimúgi /bi.ꜛmɯ.ɡi/ n. 1. Horn.
bíre /ꜛbi.ɾe/ n. 1. Night.