Miwāfu is the language of Kyōti, the desert world. Like the many varied clans across the desert, Miwāfu is filled with inconsistencies and dialects. However, there is one “official” version of the language which was gathering by a group of scholars in both Tarsan and Kyōti and is slowly gaining acceptance in general.

Except where notes, everything is based on this canon version of the language.


The following are the various topics of grammar in the language.


There are a good number of words in the Miwafu lexicon. The master list can be found here, but below is a table of the individual syllables with links to words that start with that letter.

w r m p b h n d t z s g k f
a wa ra ma pa ba ha na da ta za sa ga ka fa
e we re me pe be he ne de te ze se ge ke fe
i wi ri mi pi bi hi ni   chi ji shi gi ki fi
o wo ro mo po bo ho no do to jo so go ko fo
u wu ru mu pu bu hu nu   tsu zu su gu ku fu
ya   rya mya pya bya hya nya   chya jya shya gya kya  
yo   ryo myo pyo byo hyo nyo   chyo jyo shyo gyo kyo  
yu   ryu myu pyu byu hyu nyu   chyu jyu shyu gyu kyu