Project Lifecycle

One of the general goals on this site is to produce a chapter a week for the foreseeable future. With this, not every chapter is going to get through the full cycle of readers, editors, and polish that the printed novels have. This means that these chapters will continue to be improved and worked on even after released, eventually leading to fully edited and print-worthy.

The general flow for publishing a novel goes like this:

  1. Write (e.g., “work in progress”)
  2. Wait for line editing (usually limited by funding)
  3. Line editing
  4. Wait for copy editing
  5. Typesetting, formatting, and covers
  6. Publication

On this site, we use the following states:

  1. Work in Progress (WIP)
  2. Alpha: Looking for alpha readers while waiting for line editing
  3. Beta: Looking for beta readers while waiting for copy editing
  4. Done