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During Flight of the Scions, Garèo was supposed to be her chaperon for her trip. However she escape him to have adventures of her own, only to meet up with him right before the fight with Damagar. She noticed that he showed signs of being in a fight of her own, but had no clue of the trials he went through as his own past returns to him and he ends up chasing her from one side of the country to the other.

Garèo struggles with fleeing his home because he attacked and killed both his father and grandfather, and then put them into a pair of magical daggers. Because he is the last member of his clan, it dies with him when he dies. He thinks he could marry Kanéko to keep the clan alive but she has no magic and the spirits don't allow it. Despite that, Mioráshi allows him to remain as long as he teaches Kanéko the ways of the desert.



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