Journals of Fedran

Issue #00: Resonance

Everyone knows about resonance, it is the field of energy that magic produces. It reacts violently with other sources of magic, scorching the earth or setting off bolts of magenta lightning. It is the limit of all power in the world, the more powerful someone becomes, the more devastating the ravages of resonance. In rare situations, resonance can work in harmony, usually among good friends or family, but for most of the world, there is always a fear that their home will be set aflame by risky usages of power or a loved one will die from feedback.

Issue #01: Religion

The tapestry of society is built upon many threads, one of the most important is the religion. While many civilized people worship the Divine Couple---may their grace carry us---there are also a wide variety of other religions that are in common practice. They may range from the questionable to the profane, from the beautiful to the dying.

Issue #03: Dalpre

Dalpre, the twisted result of magic that fused humans into mammals to create a slave race. The dalpre had served their masters for many centuries. They were good, obedient, and docile. The magic that created them ensured it but they were also happy.

At least, that is what the history books said. A dalpre's reality, on the other hand, was far less rosy and cheerful than their masters chose to see.