Incomplete Sources

As sources travel through their lifecycle, they will show up here until they are presented on the front page as "done".


These are sources that have been edited at least one and are fairly polished. They may have a couple rough edges but are only waiting for that final polish.

Beta readers get credits in the back of the novel for reading and giving feedback.


Rougher than beta, alpha sources are ones that have been written but haven’t gone through a third-party editor. This means they will be rough but they are “feature complete” in that the characters and plots are pretty much set.

Alpha readers also get an entry in the credits.

Works in Progress

0003-00 Midlife Crisis wip 0005-00 A Cup of Soup wip 0007-00 Ramus and the Savage Slasher wip 0011-00 The Cros Gambit wip 0012-00 Battle Mage in a Dress wip 0014-00 Farimon's Revelation 5k Story 0018-03 Under the Streets 5k Story 0020-00 Friend of the Guard wip 0021-00 Figurines wip 0021-01 Prospects of Love Among Mages 6k Story 0022-00 Brickpunk wip 0023-00 The New Girl wip 0024-00 A Simple Cog wip 0025-00 Renewed Faith wip 0026-00 Midnight Flight Action, Tragedy, 7k Story 0037-00 Allegro WIP, Action, Adventure, 20k Novella 0041-00 Brick Delivery wip 0041-01 Brick Jam wip 0041-02 Losing It Brick by Brick wip 0041-03 A Gut Feeling wip 0042-00 Let His Memory Go 6k Story 0043-00 Raging Alone WIP, Action, 39k Novella 0045-01 Hard Work Into the Evening wip 0048-00 Coins for Your Troubles Action, Drama, Romance, 15k Story 0048-01 Sharpening Duties Drama, wip 0048-02 Songbird in the Kitchen Drama, 9k Story 0048-03 Have a Heart wip 0049-00 May I Lead This Dance WIP, Drama, Romance, 20k Novella 0050-00 A Missed Chance for Royalty Romance, wip 0051-00 A Poisoned Gift wip 0053-00 Brilliant Manifestation wip 0054-00 Don't Get Involved wip 0055-00 Duplicate Lettering wip 0056-00 Fighting Lessons wip 0057-00 Fire Mage and Mother wip 0058-00 Flowers and Blood wip 0059-00 Home Once Again wip 0060-00 Hope Smiles wip 0061-00 Lint-Free wip 0062-00 Lit for the First Time wip 0063-00 Offers of Blood and Candy wip 0064-00 Promises Made wip 0064-01 Foxhole Duties wip 0065-00 Rejected Research wip 0066-00 Spring Planting wip 0067-00 Waiting for the Rain wip 0068-00 Will Paint for Crowns wip 0069-00 Last Minute Nailing wip 0070-00 Night Arrows wip 0071-00 Risking His Pack wip 0072-00 Looking for the Wrong Thing 9k Story 0073-00 Curse of the Blood Corn wip 0074-00 Early Morning Tea wip 0075-00 I Will Hurt You Only Once wip 0076-00 Only Answer Questions wip 0077-00 Hopelessly Stuck in a Rainy Field wip 0078-00 Difficulties of Traditions wip 0079-00 Last Chance at Immortality wip 0080-00 Blue Hat Club wip 0081-00 One More Time for My Family 5k Story 0100-03 A Friendly Game Action, wip