While each story and novel are from a single point of view, these plots are tied into a larger, master arc of a world war happening across Fedran. This page lists the various novel and story ideas for Patrons. When it comes to writing the next one, I’ll be asking for votes from here.

The master arc is called the Mechanical War and is the first world war in Fedran as it transitions from the Age of Crystal (magic) and the Age of Steam (machines). It will probably be bloody but I’m fascinating on how people find joy, love, and revenge in the framework of something as far-reaching as our own world wars.

Not all of these stories are going to be written out. They are just vague ideas sitting in my head, things I think work together toward the master arc. Some of them are only a few sentences while others have been planned out completely. In general, there is no commitment to write them, only an interest. In addition, all of the titles are working titles and probably going to change.

Like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, these ideas are broken down into phases which describe the significant turning points of the Mechanical War.

Phase 1 - Leading Up to War

The first phase are the events and characters leading up to the first major battle of the war which occurs at the end of Desert Child.

Phase 2 - World War

The second phase are stories and events that happen during the war itself.

Phase 3 - Post-War


A couple of stories don't tie directly into the Mechanical War.

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