Grand Cros Clashball

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It has been three months since the events now known as the Cros Gambit, singularly the most dramatic game of clashball ever known. In a single play, the gambit destroyed the Infinite Razors and the field, opening a path for the Sapphire Hammers to walk the ball directly into the castle goal for a stunning victory of 198 to 159. The final score included 50 points for the castle, 15 for three submissions, and 40 for incapacitating or killing the opposing eight players for the Razors.

However, in the days that followed, many debates were fought in the battlefield of rules and regulations. The owner of the Hammers insisted that the off-field players should also be considered for submissions since they were allowed to attack opposing players when they approached too close to the sidelines. In addition, the Cros Gambit brought the death of the Razor's leader which Hammer would include in their points. This would add an additional 55 points to the score.

After much discussion, it was determined that the off-field players were considered valid targets for submissions but the leader would not. This increased the Hammer's score to 248 for an 89 point spread between the two teams, the single largest spread in clashball history.

The events of the Cros Gambit has also become a capstone on a disturbing trend in professional clashball. As more highly-skilled players rise in ranks and join the national teams, the powers involved are putting more than just players at risk. With the Cros Gambit, there were over one hundred injuries and nine deaths from bystanders and observers. While the Hammers were found not at fault in the resulting court judgments, the increased risk of bystanders cannot be ignored.

In addition, with the use of speedsters and other magics, the standard furlong by chain field is no longer sufficient to demonstrate the strategy and skill of the players.

As decreed by the chairman of the Tarsan Gaming Council, Liviar de Genifir da Xerces, all national teams will now play with a variant of clashball called the Grand Cros Clashball in honor of the greatest player known.

As decreed, the field shall change: The length of the field will remain at one furlong but the width of the field will be increased from one chain to two. The size of the goals will remain at one chain width with no points scored for the outermost chain of the end.

As decreed, safety must be considered for bystanders and off-field players. There is now a one chain distance from the field to any non-player. This means that the alternative rules of allowing off-field players to attack opponents will be removed for the Grand Cros Clashball, but this rule is determined to add too much complexity to the rules.

As decreed, to compensate for the loss of off-field attacks, the size of the teams shall change. Each team is still limited to one sentinel and one champion. The number of skirmishers and guards will be increased from three to five. This will now allow twelve players on the field at any one time.

As decreed, submissions will remain five points however fatalities will reduce the point to three. We must understand that this is a game and death diminishing the enjoyment of the game.

As decreed, new players will not be allowed into the leagues if their powers can affect anyone over one rod distance from their body. Existing players will continue to be allowed to remain in the league, or allowed to retire with honors and the full value of their contracts. Any freshmen players into the national leagues must prove beyond reasonable doubt that their talents cannot affect beyond the prohibited range.

As decreed, regional and city leagues will continue to use the standard clashball rules including off-field players and the reduced field size.

Written arguments that resulting in this decision are available from the Tarsan Gaming Council upon request.

In honor of Cros de Goslin and his stunning victory, an annual pension of one hundred thousand jems has been awarded to his widow and daughter. A one-time pension of one hundred thousand jems has been awarded to Bankol de Goslin and Tamir of Kormar and their families.



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