Each chapter of this book was written as plain text files formatted with Markdown and include a YAML header at the top of each one. These files are managed in a Git repository located on Emacs and Atom were used as the primary environment for writing.

These individual chapters were combined together using a TypeScript-based publication framework called MfGames Writing, a set of tools for converting those files into PDF (via WeasyPrint), EPUB, and MOBI.

The cover was created using Inkscape and TypeScript. The color scheme uses eight shades of a single color and an another eight of the color’s complementary. These colors are shared among all of the Kanéko novels. Likewise, the “0101-00” along the spine indicates this is the first published book (“00”) with Kanéko as the main character (“0101”).

The font used on the cover and interior is Corda in various weights and styles.