Farimon's Gift

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Though no one knew it at the time, it was on that cold day of Lirdir in 1821 when the world changed. By himself, Farimon had discovered something that no mage in a thousand years had ever discovered, a way of protecting artifacts from the ravages of resonance.

It would be a year later, on the eve of Robert de Monsar's death, that he would present the accumulation of his research to the world: the fire core, a metal-encased rune of fire that could power arcane devices with the power of heat. Unable to function on their own with anything more than heat, when a fire core is placed within a so-called engine powered by water and air, it is capable of moving wheels, pistons, and other amazing mechanisms.

The fire cores are not immune to resonance. Instead, they were designed to be easily replaced sources of power for engines. This is facilitated by mages capable of recharging the rune inside them, a technique that was well-established long before Farimon's days. These cores are easily latched into place, setting them underneath a boiler that contains a vast quantity of water. The core bracket, as Farimon calls it, is also placed inside a nest of metal that completely protects the core from resonance.

The exact distance is dependent on the mage creating the resonance, but Farimon had determined that one rod of heavy iron or steel between the resonance and the core was capable of protecting the rune inside from shorting. The steel vase provides additional protection against resonance, but it is no defense against anyone with more than a mere hint of talent.

At the moment, the only devices that the fire core is capable of powering is an incredible mechanism that turns a wheel much like a waterwheel. However, Farimon has gathered a cadre of inventors who will soon amaze the world with other creations of this new technology.



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